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Jimin Park

A letter to the Ylands dev team

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I once again felt the care you guys put into this major update 1.3.

It put a smile on my face when the client updated itself without a manual steam update, it was almost too kinky.

Exporting our game in new editor and finding out nothing broke reminded me of that time when I was dating my wife long distance, she did not change a bit even after months of separation.

Then when I observed a global storage that had loads of tiles and used to take a long time to load loading in matter of a few seconds was like not being able to eat the food I love due to the stomach ache but pepto bismol came in and cleaned it right up.


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Well thank you 😊 We're glad you're enjoying the update so far and all the optimizations that went into it, though we plan to improve many more aspects in the coming updates.

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