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Rake, bulldozer, and baby goats


I had a few suggestions:

1. Rake: I know it has been mentioned before, but an exploration tool that could smooth the terrain would be super beneficial. I was trying to fill in a hole from mined clay and then farm over it, but I couldn't get it to look smooth. I had been trying and trying to fill in with dirt and then use a pick to decrease the height a bit, but it just looked like a jagged mess. A shovel (flatten) ended up creating a terraced farm look, which was as good as I could make it (see image).

2. Bulldozer front for cars: this might be a bit too overpowered, but I am sick of having to jump out and chop down sumac because my car gets stuck on it. Plus it would be a super fun way to clear a forest. Maybe make it so more (ylandium only?) engines are needed to knock over large trees, but 1 engine can be used to knock down sumac and plants?

3. Baby animals: now that we have goats that produce milk, I really want baby goats.






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