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Transfer Scripting to another NPC or map?

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Same script, different NPC?

Random loot drops from an NPC is the goal. The only way I could get it to work is to place scripting under the NPC itself. That is, entity template, then select the picture of the chosen NPC there and do the scripting under that. It's a complicated script (for me) with lots of parts. Now I want to use a different NPC, but everything else stays the same (maybe different loot drops). I must start scripting all over every time? Is there a better way to do this or a better place to locate the script so I can just use another NPC easily?


Same script, different map?

I am experimenting with scripting on a random editor map, but that is not the map I want to use. Can I transfer all of these scripts to another map? Perhaps a composition? I saw the "Follower" composition on the downloads. How is this possible. I thought one could only use the blueprint camera on Explore maps? (No game logic possible in Explore map). I would like to be able to copy all of the scripts, plop them down on the beach on a new map and then distribute them around the new map, quickly making a different game.


The goal is to make a rogue-like game that is endlessly replayable and different each time on a full archipeligo map with random spawn points, quests, loot, etc. (My vision of what the gameplay on the actual Explore game ought to be). Ideally, loot drops, quests, skill trainers and NPC difficulty would change according to the players "level". Inspired by the dungeon mode of early access "Gedonia", which I recommend.

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Sorry for my English, i´m from Czech Republic...

If you want random loot, just:

1) make a scipt in global storage according to your idea (for example spawn loot on entity position or throw entity) and put script into custom instruction (must be global)

2) Make entity what you want and implement your script via "instruction" here (linked to your global storage). Apply script after entity dead (event)

3) save your entity in "entity label"

4) make entity spawner, for example timer

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