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Adam Snellgrove

Dev Diary #147 - Goodie Pack #2

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Hey there Ylanders!

As you might have noticed, some new goodies have landed into Ylands a couple of days ago. The Goodie Pack #2 is here to shorten the wait for the next big update and yet again brings some pretty neat additions to the Ylands ecosystem. First of all the theme of this Goodie Pack was Ancient Egypt. Whilst last time we directed our attention to the wet Atlantean Empire, this time we ended up in the dry sandy lands of the Pharaohs. 


But before we started figuring out, what new to add, we had to address our good old friend The Mummy. A staple in Egyptian mythology and modern pop-culture, we added the mummy years and years ago...and he hadn't aged well 😅 So we decided to change his bandages for some cleaner ones and give the old chap a proper makeover and the outcome is pretty good in our opinion 😁 And what's more, we have also added a Mummy Wraps Set, so you can now pretend to be a mummy too 😄

But there are plenty of new items in the game now too, like the Bronze Weapon Set featuring a cool axe, a couple of spears a staff and a knife. To complement this, we have also added a Bronze Armour set. For the Creators out there we have also added a new Sandstone door for those old dusty crypts 😁

But the stars of the show, of course, are our new monsters, the Horus Avatar and Anubis Avatar. These new enemies will be a challenge for every tomb raider or daring archaeologist. Towering over the player they radiate power and strength and their attacks are devastating.

But Explorers, do not fret! For this update is for us as much as for you, because now we can take these assets and start working on implementing them in exciting new Random Encounters and Adventures for update 1.5 so very soon you'll be able to meet Anubis and Horus in your own travels and fight the Mummy when you get a runny nose 😁

And last but not least, we also fixed some pretty annoying issues and you can find more about it in our changelog 😊

And that's it for now, but keep your eyes peeled on this space because there are rumours of a certain competition starting soon 😉

So until next time, stay classy Ylanders.

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