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Incorect info for "get item"

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If you get stackable items by script in a number greather than maximum of stack of them, you get info about losed items and wrong numbers of new items.
On picture below script run ONLY +20 and +10 potions, but i saw +30 and -15 too.



If you use script like me (on picture above), you get right numbers of new items.

before script run:
after script:


If i use script to add MORE items THAN maximum in stack (like bellow), script dont get number of items corretly, and i have no idea how...



Thanks you, and i apologize for my english...

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The "-15" is normal. If the player picks up a stack of 20, it will give the same -15 but that is just the message saying 15 were moved to another stack. I'm not sure how you would remove it without changing the values (using a variable and condition/IF detecting the amount in the player inventory). If you want it to say "+20" and "+10" you could add a delay between them. The game normally will tell you the total number of items added if the actions happen within a short time (when picking up items too). 

For the "+50" I was running into this as well for my clone machine (uses text input for the number the player wants in the stack). I ended up just making a "show warning" to give a custom error message saying that stack value was too high and to try again (triggered if the stack value didn't match the input). As far as I know, you can't use tiles to figure out the maximum stack value 🤔. Maybe you could use "repeat" set to 50 and leave the number at 1? Maybe that would work to add 50 correctly?


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