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Frostpunk - Winter survival at its finest!

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How morbidly brilliant is this game!?

I bought Frostpunk a few years ago, and after a long absence of playing it, a ton of DLC has been developed. I recently jumped back in for an hour and found myself impressed by how far it’s come! So what is it all about?


Its the 1880s and the globe is enduring an unexplained ice age. The prior to their collapse, the remaining world powers (USA, Europe and the British Empire) construct a series of immense generator towers that will form the basis for a new society in the frozen wastes. As leader of your own colony you have but one objective: The Generator must keep going and the city must survive!


Game Mechanics

This isn’t just a standard city simulator. Aside from battling to maintain a constant supply of coal to power your generator, you need to manage the survivors who call this place home! If you fail to meet their needs or your policies are deemed too strict, you may have a revolution on your hands.

On the other hand, which principles should be sacrificed to assure survival? Fatalities caused by overworking your coal miners may be a regrettable but necessary policy to keep the generator going.

Dispatching scouts to explore the new and evolving frost lands expands the lore of Frostpunk. They can bring back valuable relics of the old world as well as establish trade routes with other survivor colonies.


I can’t recommend this game enough guys! The constant battle to maintain heat to sustain your colony is an everyday battle. Little decisions can have huge ramifications and the sheer scarcity of resources feels like the survival of your city hangs in the balance constantly!

From a Ylands perspective, this reinforces the pleasure I am rewarded with when I set up my little polar outpost. I love the idea of braving to cold wastes in order to carve out a comfortable existence!


Let me know what you think! Do you guys already own this game? I’d love to hear your input! 

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This game is amazing! Crazy scenario combining intrigue and the stress of losing. The content is complete, the band is really nice. In my opinion, all that's missing is a multiplayer / cooperation mode.

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