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Locust is now public to explore.

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From @jchob on discord.

With new co-op settings that able the owner to have a better control who can make changes to the map, we decided to open Locust for public. Map rules, advice: You may pick stuff if it's pickable for free. Keep in mind, that other players probably will stop by. So, be kind and don't pick all the stuff for yourself. Also, avoid destroying anything. If not, you risk to get banned. Some of us who made this map, will from time to time fill the map with some random stuff, so others are incentivated to visit our cool map. Generic rules: rules like NO racism, be polite, don't harass applies to the map. If anyone break this generic rules, you will mostly be banned. This is a map where people can have fun visiting it. There are lots of places to sleep, all workstations where you can work, you name it. HOW TO LOCATE IT: on world map, go to Thundra and Taiga climate. Once there, click the multiplayer icon (that purple/rose icon) and you might find it. Map is called Locust

This map was made with the collaboration of several creators

 I will be posting posting some pictures here soon, and if anybody visits, feel free to post more pictures if you like. 





Valhalla 2.png









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