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Eco - Adventure Diary - “It’s totally worth it!”

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Hi guys!

If you’ve read my previous post about this game, you’ll know that I put caution to the wind, bought and played it! I’m exceptionally impressed! In a nutshell, it’s Minecraft, but with polished mechanics to facilitate working community governments and even a fully fledged currency system!

....oh and a meteor is going to crash into your world in 30 days unless you prevent it!

Im going to leave some entries relating to my experiences on a particular server. It’s a real blast!

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Week 1

There’s tons of career paths to choose from; Carpenter, Engineer, farmer just to name a few. I eventually settled with a Miner/Mason combo. I claimed my little scrap of land in a jungle next to a deposit of Shale, which I used to build my frugal home/workshop.

It wasn’t long before I had accumulated a lot of surplus stone, which I would shape into construction blocks that I would sell in the nearby big city! The money I’d make would be spent on new tools and better meals which boosted my experience levels.

It’s worth noting that in Eco, money should be weighed against a certain material to give it ‘true value’. The server’s main currency, BigCoin was weighted against Gold ingots held within the town treasury. There were other currencies about on the server, but because they weren’t backed by anything, they might as well be Monopoly money!

My first week has ended upon my discovery of crafting clay bricks (a high tier material). I’ve crafted enough to begin building a fully functioning industrial factory to mass produce clay bricks to see on a large-scale.

Hopefully the player-run government doesn’t notice my success to the point that they levy a tax on my sales (Boo socialism! Boo big Government!) 

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