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A Few new ideas


I got the game after 1.7 and have logged almost 100 hours. I came up with a list of a few things that I think would be nice to see in game

1)A Lunch Box, used to store cooked foods for your travels.

2)Ammo Pouch or Quiver, Ammo Pouch would be for bullets or musket balls and the quiver for arrows or crossbow bolts.

3)Fruit Basket/Vegetables Basket , used to store raw fruits or vegetables.

4)Change Energy stove to Microwave.

5)Refrigerator used to store foods in a home.

6)Chickens, when killed drop eggs and feathers, when tamed can use basket to collect eggs, feather randomly drop off of them.

7)Cows, when killed meat and leather, tamed used to collect milk.

8)Zirconium add blocks for it like the iron blocks or make it to where you can use zirconium instead of iron in recipes.

9)Grapes, can make into pies, grape juice or raisins. 

10)Apple trees, when chopped down drop the normal tree drops, when harvested get apples which can be used in different foods.

11)Peach trees same as apple trees but only peaches.

12)Lettuce, used to make salads or as a topping for hamburgers. 

13)Concreate, uses gravel and sand to make concreate blocks.

14)Birdhouse, collect eggs and feather like the bird nests.

15)Tool belt, used to store tools for quick use.

16)Wood shed, stores large amounts of wood.

17)Stone Quarry, used to store large amounts of stone, marble, sandstone.

18)Back Pack, used to stone things like the lunch box Ammo Pouch goes in back slot.

19)Spy Glass, used to see things that are far away.

Sorry this was long but I was thinking these would be nice things added to a great game. 

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Hi @Winlaen These aren't new ideas. I know many of these ideas have been mentioned to the devs (half the list I mentioned to them myself LOL) and a lot are being worked on but are on a lower priority list of things they are working on. The dev team usually has a list of goals they wish to achieve for each update and usually have a timeframe in which they want to achieve those goals. I know the next update will be concentrating on quality of life improvements for things like crafting stations, crafting menus, blueprint improvements, and adding several fixes to many player requested things. I also want to see everything you have mentioned on this list, and I am sure that once many of the high priority updates are done we will eventually see many of these types of items and animals appearing in the game. I personally have been patiently waiting for a lunchbox for several months LOL (Waited almost a year for a toolbox...but now we have them).... the bottom line is it's a lower priority item on the list of things they want to implement. Truthfully the high priority items are much more important additions to the game and I have been satisfied with the amount of time involved it takes for the dev team to implement each major change.....just have patience. I am sure many of these things you mentioned are coming and a lot more.

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Yeah, I once mentioned (this goes back a few years) composite wood. It was a solution to the overabundance of sticks, sap, and bark once the player reaches a certain point. I mean, at some point you end up with massive amounts of each. Imagine being able to build with plywood or MDF? :)

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