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Nikki Severin Patch Changelog

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Hey there, Ylanders! 

The new post-update release notes are here! 


What's new:

  • An updated tutorial with several bugs fixed
  • Hunger immunity bug fixed
  • Workstations on ships should keep their rotation after being lit or put out
  • Several Mobile UI issues were fixed
  • General bug fixes

All fixes and tweaks
[YLD-34617] Fixed: Exploration: player may not get ever hungry if he was on Tutorial yland.
[YLD-23147] Fixed: Some cave random encounters are not generated.
[YLD-33439] Fixed: Parented entities are rotated after being replaced by another entity in their spawn chain (e.g. workstations placed on ships after being fed).
[YLD-34585] Fixed: Placing a blueprint containing a vehicle should now finish properly, assembling the vehicle and removing the blueprint table.
[YLD-34602] Fixed: Some potted plants disappeared.
[YLD-34614] Fixed: Leaving an exploration game while seated on an animal companion no longer breaks camera and movement upon reentering.
[YLD-34630] Fixed: "Freeman" achievement hidden.
[YLD-34632] Fixed: Obtaining screenshot using F11 takes screenshot correctly with UI.
[YLD-34639] Fixed: Wrong entity is painted sometimes when there are multiple entities stacked on top of each other and you are painting in a downwards direction.
[YLD-34681] Fixed: Get Custom Key Action State script tile in Custom controller's script does not work.
[YLD-34720] Fixed: Coop settings in in-game multiplayer settings should show always properly now. This bug was older than changes done for
[YLD-34742] Fixed: Pumpkin clothes showing under coconuts in recipe groups.
[YLD-34546] Fixed: VS: spawning animated game logic object does not work.
[YLD-34597] Fixed: VS: Entity + Game logic object does not work correctly as argument of Send Message To Server script tile.
[YLD-34604] Fixed: VS: Custom controller with parameter variables stops working in some situations.
[YLD-34706] Fixed: VS: it is possible to switch to client script of Entity/Logic storage even though it is not supported.
[YLD-34741] Fixed: VS: Time trigger elapsed time and Delayed instructions elapsed time is reset after savegame load.
[YLD-34438] Tweaked: Editor: we now show only names of first up to 10 columns in Data set properties. (lot of lines were slowing down the game significantly).
[YLD-34612] Tweaked: Hunger gain rate decreased slightly when sated.
[YLD-34732] Tweaked: Make logs drop basic 1x1x1 log blocks on destruction.
CleanupKillSystem noses all MovingBasis followers on the collided entity before the entity itself. It also clears the parent transform id for the character being saved to ensure the former id is not kept and propagated to the character's FollowMovingBasis.

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