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Nikki Severin

Dev Diary #211 Hide & Seek

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Hey there, Ylanders! 

We know you like hearing about what's coming to the next update and that you also like to take peeks into the game dev process and the behind-the-scenes of the Ylands HQ. This week's Dev diary is going to combine both! Let's dive right in! 

unknown (3).png
(screenshot by Kaija)

The spirit of Ylands is largely based on community and the feedback from our players, which is why we collect feedback and suggestions from our players across platforms and regularly review it and keep it in mind when developing new features and when improving new ones. One such feedback we have been receiving is talking about not being able to see your friends on the map. This highly requested feature is coming to 1.9, as you probably know from this Dev Diary.

We were very excited to let our players know that this feature that they've been asking for is finally coming to the game. But in reading the feedback on the announcement, we found out that we didn't think about the fact that some of our players play Hide & Seek because they can't see each other on the map. Oversight on our part, but thanks to our players, who talk to us, we found out. 

image2022-2-3_16-58-54 copy.jpg
(two of the feedback instances)

Long story short, we're implementing a toggle option for the friend marker feature so that you can continue playing Hide & Seek without having the fun spoiled (smile) 

While this might seem like a minor thing to some, for those few players that enjoy playing the game in a specific way will it would be taking away a part of that fun. And that's something we don't want to do. 

Well, that's it for this week and we will be back with more info next week! 

Stay Classy, Ylanders!  

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That sounds awesome! You should also consider making island level indicators and the little triangles that point on islands on the compass toggleable!

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