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Aleš Ulm

Dev Diary #214 Update Lore

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Hey there, Ylanders!

We have finished the Ylands roadmap that we will be sharing with you very soon, but before we do that, I wanted to use this opportunity to talk about our plans in a more general way.

Firstly what happens this year; instead of having four major updates a year, beginning with this one, we're going to release three. This doesn't mean that you will get fewer goodies than before, the updates will be larger - the upcoming 1.9 will give you some idea as to what I'm talking about. Pushing more into fewer updates is important because it will give us more time to test.


image (1) (1).png

(screenshot by jrock)


Even though it may sound like if the overall amount of things released during the year is roughly the same, there should be no difference if it's released in three or four updates. The truth is, that every single release creates a massive overhead just by itself (all the processes that go with it), that this will help us a lot. Probably the most important thing, though, is, that we will have more time to discuss the features with you as they come to life. There are already some things in this update based on what you suggested when we told you about how we're currently implementing them that this should help improve the quality a lot. As for the content of those updates - there are currently four priorities that we have when it comes to deciding what will be added, reworked, tweaked or fixed:

  • Things we've either promised you in the past or ones that you've been asking for for a long time.
  • Fixing things that annoy you, make the game confusing or hard to enjoy (especially when it comes to multiplayer issues).
  • Keep tying all the loose ends in the game, all the stand-alone systems, so that they work and work together with the rest of the game to create one seamless experience. Not only Exploration features themselves but allowing you to utilize the power of our Editor to make your own Exploration experiences.
  • Give the game a sense of goal for those who seek it, something to look forward to. Something to achieve by going through all the hardships. By bravely exploring new worlds, crafting advanced tools and weapons. By fighting monsters.


The last two points lead me to something we have started working on some time ago and that you might be able to notice in small amounts in 1.9 already and which will be much more present with every following update: Ylands lore. A thing that will make you understand the Ylands world better and, most importantly, allow us to create some pretty cool end-game content. This is something we are extremely excited about and hopefully something, you will like.

And that's it for today.

We will talk to you soon so until then - stay healthy and classy!

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I love that you include the Ylands Lore. I'm sure long term players like @Deadeye_Rob will agree. Bring on the fixes and keep up the fantastic work @Aleš Ulm. We are all ready for new challenges and surprises. Awesome pic of Jrock's. He's a master builder

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