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Exploration DLC - Not for sale, Sooo

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Okay so, i need to be able to buy the DLC for a friend, and its not avaliable on steam store anymore. How can i buy to a friend the DLC?

And why its not on Steam store anymore? I dont see any problem to let it on store for sale. If the player cant buy it, will he stay playing alone forever, at least until he cant buy it by himself?

link for the page on steam store: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1179720/Ylands_Exploration_Pack/?curator_clanid=4777282&utm_source=SteamDB



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If you tell me your and your friend's in game nickname, I can help you out :) 

We are working on a gifting feature, so for now, we are helping people individually :) 


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