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Igor Q.

Importing Global Storage - Conflicting Reference.

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I found a pretty big issue regarding Global Storage Compositions.

If I save a giant group of  logics + entities they will not properly overwrite all logics.

For example
This is the current group of logics I want to overwrite


When I paste my composition I get this


Which when moved gives me this


I now get a second copy of *SOME* of my logics.

This is problematic because if my map references one of the original copies, it will not get transfered over to the new copy which means I have to manually check over +500 scripts to make sure they are referencing the right copy.


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15 minutes ago, F.hao said:

link here link there, maybe it's a bug.


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I've tried working around the solution but there's no possible way because each time I want to upload an updated copy of the composition I have to re-attach too many logics.
I'm at a standstill right now.☹️

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I know there is probably lack of documentation for this feature so I will try to explain here:

Normally only Global storage, Entity storage and Game logic storage have unique IDs and they will update from the placed compositions. Any other game logic objects and all entities will not update. There is no simple rule what should update and how. (missing/new objects in new composition, already modified objects in current game etc.)

For easier use of Game set we have introduced Script module game logic. It can reference only Game logic objects and only those with no world representation (eg. no Particle effects, Barriers, Trigger zones, ..).

  1. Create Script Module Source
  2. Reference all GLs you want to have updatable
  3. Click Export in properties of Script Module Source
  4. Create composition with Exported Script Module.
  5. Past it in the different game B
  6. Fill references to objects in target game/world (like Particle effects, Barriers, Trigger zones, .. entities)
  7. ....
  8. Go back to the game with Script Module Source
  9. Update referenced Script Module game logic objects
  10. Export it again
  11. Place it in the game B
  12. It will update local copy of script module with new values but it will keep all existing references to local objects (from Step 6)



Last note:

In VS, custom instructions/variables can have different scopes (Member, Module, Global)

If you want to have access from other objects in game B to instructions/variables from the Script module then set scope as "Global"

If you want to have access just among GLs from script module to each other then chose scope "Module"

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So to clarify... I store my "Export Script Module" as composition.

I can then upload the copy to any maps I need and reference any logics using it.

If I need to update the original code, I go to my original game file, and change the logics on that file, and re-export the Script Module to composition?


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