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Dev Diary #237 Better crafting UI, anyone?

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Hey there, fellow Ylanders! 🌴

With thousands of items and hundreds of recipes, crafting has always been quite a tricky part of Ylands. For a long time, we have been gathering feedback and testing various ways of making the crafting user interface more friendly and intuitive.  The result of this process is something you will experience in update 1.11.


For now, let us share with you what you can expect in a few points presented by Michael "Khan" Rezabek, the designer responsible for the crafting UI overhaul.

  • New crafting offers a new way of sorting recipes - now shown in a vertical tree instead of tiles, it allows for a better, single-screen orientation in recipe categories.
  • New indicators show the total amount of recipes in each category and how many you have discovered.
  • Tired of "NEW" notifications flooding your crafting screen? In the new crafting, these notifications will be automatically hidden after opening a category, no need to hover over every recipe.
  • More information is shown in the right panel after selecting a recipe, no more clicking the detail view to see weapon stats!
  • Item grouping has been improved to make more sense, for example, clothes are now grouped by sets, not equipment slots.
  • Multiple other minor visual improvements allow for better clarity.

We are looking forward to seeing how you feel about these changes!

That's it for this week. We'll talk to you soon and until then ... stay classy, Ylanders!

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Really like it :) 
Talking about the eye-icon. The break option is also hidden there and I use it quite often. Could you guys get it also directly on the right panel?

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That's looking really nice.  Kinda reminds me somewhat of the way it used to be.  The biggest problem for me at least is not knowing what to unlock to get the right recipes that I need.

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