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Dev Diary #242 Are you too hot?

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Hey there, fellow Ylanders!

For some time, the temperature system we have in Ylands has behaved differently than we expected it to and so we went ahead and gradually added fixes, tweaks and improvements to make the feature better. The most recent of those was brought in with Update 1.10: Ymproved Ylands. In this Dev Diary, we'll get into more detail about what this fix accomplished, as it may not be immediately apparent, but we believe it does improve the experience. 

Firstly, we've gone through all the equipment and adjusted how much it helps against harsh temperatures both for land and underwater environment. We would love to hear from you - have you noticed any improvements?

The second thing we want to mention, is something that you may have already noticed. When you eat some food in-game, a special status icon appears next to your health indicator. This means that the food gave your character a boost either against cold or hot weather. You can tell which boost was given to you based on the type of icon that appears once you consume the food or drink.

For example, soup is now keeping you warm in cold environments and coconut drink is keeping you cool in warm environments!

Oh, and we’ve also upped the temperature in the Arid biome so it's more in line with the character of the biome. Stay hydrated out there!

That’s it for today and we’ll talk again next week. Until then…stay classy, Ylanders!


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