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Dev Diary #250 There be ghosts!

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Ahoy Ylanders!

Update 1.11 is just a few weeks away so it feels like a good time to remind you of some of the cool things you will get to experience in the Adventure mode when the update comes out.

Let's start with some good news and bad news. The dungeons we told you about some time ago look great, and we're very excited about them. Originally, we hoped we would be able to release the dungeons in the upcoming update, but we decided to delay those until 1.12. All the systems needed for it are ready and working. We are generating random dungeons filled with both easy and sophisticated random encounters. It is possible to enter those with your friends (similar to traveling somewhere with ships), fight enemies, and solve encounters leading to the final ones you might call "boss fights". A lot of pieces have already fallen into place with the exception of one - the gameplay is simply not as smooth and fun as we would like it to be. It simply needs more time to tweak. And after far too many hits and misses with other features in the past we rather delay a feature in progress (or even entirely scrap it, if need be) than release something that we are not happy with. So, no dungeons in 1.11. On the other hand, working on dungeons made us give more focus to fixing issues related to combat and pathfinding. The first minor fixes are already present in 1.11, with more coming in 1.12.

The rest of the planned features ( and a bit more :) ) is coming out with 1.11. You can expect a reworked crafting UI that lets you easily find what you're looking for and utilizes some principles and ideas you proposed. On top of that, we are discussing ways how we can open the recipes more gradually in the future and for this to feel more rewarding.

We have a brand new loot system in place so that things that mobs drop will be more varied in numbers and objects and specific monsters and hostile characters will drop rare things or parts of armor sets. There are a whole lot of things to look for and look forward to!

Many new players have told us that the initial yland wasn't enough to decide whether to buy the Exploration Pack or not, so newly for those without the Pack the whole tropical region is now open and we've also added options to unlock the regions one by one instead of opening them by only getting the Pack (which, however, remains the most efficient way to experience all of the Ylands content as intended).

As the night falls, cool ghosts (with some really, really cool stuff they can drop) may appear at various random encounters. Just beware - destroying those can be difficult without the right equipment ;)

Ghosts are, however, not the only new inhabitants of the world of Ylands. Scheming pangolins or colorful morays are nothing compared to the epic tamable creature, that can be acquired only by those who have tamed all the other mythical creatures.


As usual, you can expect more than just these bigger features plus a ton of fixes and smaller improvements. Hopefully, you'll like that!

Stay classy!

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10 hours ago, DavidTBennett71 said:

I still can't travel to other Tropical Islands and am stuck on the starter island

It will be possible in 1.11 which is not out yet.

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