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Add Basic Scalable Shapes


I believe that, at the very least for use in the editor, the addition of basic scalable shapes would be extremely beneficial. (cube/tunnel, disk/tube, sphere, pyramids) The amount of utility that this change would grant to the game would be exponential, even just to be able to cut down on the number of objects and triangles that the game has to handle would be exceedingly helpful. Add to that, it would be a boon to creative ease and capacity for all players and creators.

With just one cube that can be scaled separately on x,y, and z axis between 0.001 and 1000, you could have walls of varying depths, platforms, roofs, broken floor tiles, floors, boards.

If possible even add arches or triangles of different angles.

Lastly, if it were to be something available to regular players in survival or what-have-you, just require materials based on the volume of the object.

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