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Dev Diary #253 Browsing through Blueprints

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Ahoy Ylanders,

One of our favorite new features of Update 1.11 is definitely the Blueprint Market. This special place in our in-game shop enables you to buy awesome buildings, ships, or anything else that comes to mind, made by other players in the game. So if you want to support fellow creators or just don't have time to build such crazy builds like them, this is a place for you!

It took only a few hours for the BP store to kick off with amazing and complex creations. We have been watching with excitement how fast you filled the store and started giving us positive feedback about this feature. One of our favorites is a quote from comments on our Forum: 

"WOW! There are more blueprints available today than yesterday and some of the builds are so amazing! Thank you for making this change. It will be my pleasure to purchase some of these blueprints that other players have spent so much time building and I'll be able to give back to them a little. I can tell right now, that I'll need to buy more coyns - there are so many I could use! A question though, will we still be limited in the number of blueprints we can have? I keep a separate folder on my desktop to keep the blueprints that I'm not currently using due to the limit allowed in the game. Just wondering if that has changed also. Thanks, again!"

 - Sandy T.

These very good questions led us to create Blueprints FAQ, which we update regularly so if you have any questions, have a look. https://ylands.com/community/topic/32180-111-update-blueprints-faq/

We have of course encountered a few issues. Some of them are already fixed with the latest patch, and some will be fixed as soon as possible. Thank you for letting us know.

Thank you everyone for being so creative and making the market what it is today.

Stay Classy


BP market.png

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