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Dev Diary #257 The things you say

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Ahoy, fellow Ylanders!

As you might have read in the previous Dev Diary, we do read your reviews and feedback. We read both the positive and negative - and even though in the last two years we see the negative ones appear less and less with every new update (hence the rising average recent reviews score), there's surely still a good deal of those thumbs down. 

There are reviews like these 

"I was expecting this to be a single-player sandbox game, but it's more like an MMO with in-game shops. Not for me. Others may like this but I can't recommend it."

"The game is bad. Every minute is a waste on this piece of garbage."

"This shizznit sucks cannot get past the tutorial cuz the game keeps finding a new glitch to softlock me from continuing"


"What exactly did I just download?"

(copied from recent ones, Steam, English)

Some obviously provide a bit more feedback than others (and those we answer), but most negative ones don't really help us make the game better - and that's fine. We don't really expect everyone to spend their time telling us what exactly they don't like about our game. 

However, there's one specific type of negative feedback that we consider unfair. From time to time we see people posting about Ylands "still being a Roblox clone", "focusing on the platform and ignoring the exploration" and so on. The interesting thing about this is that we, as the devs, see for each player when was it they last played the game, and most of those who post (or update) such reviews have not played the game in the last two years or more. 

And that's the only thing we're asking - if you want to tell others about what the game is like, give it a try.

Two years ago we had to change the course back to where we started because we spent some time going in the wrong direction, but now we're back. In many ways, we are much better than the game you once loved. We have larger maps than we ever had. We have better AI. The game is way more optimized and the multiplayer code is way more stable. Don't just take our word for it, though, this is what other players say: 

"Its been a while since I've played this game and at the time I deleted it within 30 min. I decided to try it again and they seemed to pull off No Man's Sky level updates and they're still going strong. Give it a shot If it's been a while or you're thinking about trying this game especially if you like games like Minecraft, Ark, Alas, Sea of Thieves, or Deadpoly."

"open world survival game where your main base is a ship. Has come a long way since launch, and it rocks pretty hard now"

"...So why the positive review? Because as of a year ( or maybe two) ago, Bohemia has come to their senses and decided to focus heavily on exploration. The game is far better now than it was even 6 months ago..." 

"In the beginning the game was trash, it performed badly, there was basically no gameplay, no advanced game mechanics, and a very short, very strict tutorial on how to play the game. Now the game performs very well, it is not hard on your GPU usage and they added more features, more animals, and basically more stuff that the player can enjoy. So I voted yes because the DEVs have done an amazing job since the beginning :)"

"I played this game since 2017 and have seen many changes in the game, some good and some not so good. I took a year off of playing and just came back earlier this year and wow the changes and the games sure have changed. I love this game from the early days and fell in love with it all over again. I have met a lot of players over the years and became friends with many of them. I would recommend giving this game a chance and you will be surprised."

"I am very surprised how far this game evolved, and I really appreciate the hard work of the developer team. I enjoyed many hours exploring, crafting, building and everything was pleasable."

(copied from recent ones, Steam, English - and there's plenty more where those come from :)  )

This is the result of almost 40 people working tirelessly on the game for the last two years. To provide you with cool updates - the 48th is on the way. Yes, we've already brought you 47 updates and if nothing else, it should be enough for you to give the game yet another try and then tell us what you think. If you still don't like what you see, let us know. We'll fix it and the next update can be much better because of you. (mrknutí) 

Stay classy, Ylanders!

PS: Yes, 47. Here they are (the game was available even before it entered Steam EA) 

1.11 Crafty Crafts
1.10 Ymproved Ylands
1.9 Ocean Odysseys
1.8 Awesome Achievements
1.7 Marvelous Mysteries
1.6 Trading Territories
1.5 Enhancing Exploration
1.4 Creators Club
1.3 Watery Water
1.2 Astonishing Adventures
1.1 Eastern Endeavors
1.0 Ylands Yncoming
0.14 Playful Platform
0.13 Fine Friendships
0.12 Smooth Sailing
0.11 Peak Performance
0.10 Clever Coding
0.9 Comfortable Cooperation
0.8 Meaningful Music
0.7 Cheerful Characters
0.6 Countless Colors
0.5 Rainy Roads
0.4 Stylish Sharing
0.3 Wonderful Writing
0.22 Fabulous Funfair
0.21 Dangerous Depths
0.20 Playful Presents
0.19 Boats & Buccaneers
0.18 Endless Exploration
0.17 Enjoyable Editor
0.16 Wicked Woodsman
0.15 Enormous Explosions
0.14 Wild West
0.13 Armored Appearance
0.12 Happy Horse
0.11 Fancy Furniture
0.10 Extended Editor
0.9 Classy Container
0.8 Elementary Editor
0.7 Gorgeous Gallery
0.6 Amazing Alchemy
0.5 Happy Holidays
0.4 Energy Exposed
0.3 Egyptian Euphoria
0.2 Release Rampage
0.1 Statue Science (25th October 2015)


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Keep up the good work and don't let some grumpy people spread their grumpiness :)

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