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Nikki Severin Patch Changelog

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❤️ New time-limited pet (available Feb 10 - 17) 
 Improved behaviour of inventory and radial menu on-screen buttons
📝 New login/registration screen
📘 Tutorial UI improvements

YLANDS_Update 1-11, SocialMedia - 1920x1080 11_2022 (1)-Recovered.png



Fixed / Added / Tweaked / Removed

[YLD-42689] Fixed: Tutorial: Mobile: Health layout overlaps the hint box.
[YLD-42718] Fixed: "Gather Alchemy Ingredients" task name overlaps over its box.
[YLD-42411] Added: Flying Boar for Valentine.
[YLD-42530] Tweaked: Adjust character naming screen.
[YLD-42280] Tweaked: Errors during login/registration are now more specific.
[YLD-42544] Tweaked: Mobile UI: Inventory, Radial Menu, Chat a Pause menu should work on release.
[YLD-42497] Removed: The login screen upon the first start.


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