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Nikki Severin

Dev Diary #260 The Sound of Ylands

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Ahoy Ylanders! 

We often ask you to look at an image or read some new information, but this week, this week is different. And that's because we want you to listen!

Let's set the scene. Just imagine you're on the beach of a beautiful yland, sun just starting to peek on the horizon, shashlik being roasted on the fire, coconut drink in hand, your ship anchored nearby and Track Number 2: Serene Sunrise starts playing... eh... what's Track Number 2 you ask? The answer is easy! That is the track that comes after Track Number 1: Adventure Awaits on the Ylands Original Game Soundtrack

The Ylands OST is now available for you to stream on Spotify, Apple Music and other music streaming platforms! We are extremely happy to share this with you and make the wonderful music of Ylands easily available for you to enjoy whenever and wherever. 


You may or may not know that the music was composed by a Czech composer Varhan Orchestrovič Bauer who hand picked the individual musicians who performed the tracks.

Because we enjoy making fun of ourselves, we'll share a funny story from the implementation of the soundtrack... At one point, we started receiving feedback from players that they heard someone talking when they were inside caves.  We thought to ourselves: "That's impossible! We never recorded any dialogue for the game!" So we really dove deep into getting to the bottom of the mystery. And indeed, there it was. When you walked into a cave, you could hear the word "Super!" at times, which was kinda creepy. So we went to consult our sound department and it turned out that they left in a part of the track, where the conductor complimented the great job of the orchestra with a single word... "Super!"

That's it for today, Ylanders! 

Stay Super... and Classy!  

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Where are the sound tracks from the alpha days? 🥺


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