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Dev Diary #269 Handy Handbook

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Ahoy Ylanders!


The new big fat update is on the verge of happening and today we will share with you probably the biggest new feature revealed so far! Everyone who will join the Classy Adventurers Guild (meaning every Ylander) will get their own Handbook.


A Handbook? What is that?! 

TL;DR it's a super cool guide that's gonna give you all sorts of juicy Ylands lore and quest. Some are easy-peasy and great for newbies, while others are gonna test even the most veteran Ylanders out there (Looking at you YoHas). Follow your Diary journal from the day your ship sank all the way to the end of the story. Every time you do something new or cool in the game, your character will have their own ideas and notes about those things, which might push you towards further exploration and fun!
So, for example when trying to swim underwater for the first time, your character might observe how a certain piece of equipment might make flip-flopping in the water easier and faster, scribbling their idea down in the Diary. You will be guided through your first crafted campfire, your first sailing, and discovering new lands. It should help you and new players understand why you learned each recipe and where to find things in the world.

Not only that but you also get a list of things you might want to achieve next. Therefore, becoming an experienced adventurer is much easier now. 


Here are some leaked sketches

As Horatio Reginald Elmwood is not the most thoughtful and disciplined of adventurers there are some leaked pictures of the Handbook, so check those out! These will appear next to important events in your Diary. 


We're stoked to bring this feature to you as we think it's gonna help you connect with the world of Ylands even more!

So, get ready to dive into The Handbook and let us know what you think. We can't wait to hear your thoughts.


Thanks, and stay classy!

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