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Dev Diary #276 Big Change Incoming - Clay in Tropical and a Brand New Tier of Tools!

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Ahoy Ylanders!

First things first. The winners of the Space Rabbit costume from the last dev diary giveaway are: PieofHeaven, Degar! We will contact them directly soon. Yes, one of the words "host" (not hosts, not hosting etc...) was in the title. Savage, right?!

Now to the big changes! It has been a while since we announced what we are working on as the 2.0 update was such a big deal. Finally, the time has come. Update 2.1 is shaping up nicely and we can announce one of its biggest features. The Bronze tool tier is coming to the world of Ylands!

Clay in the Tropical Caves

You asked and we hear you. Clay just screams out from the crafting menu: "Use me!" but it is nowhere to be found. This will be left in the past very soon. Look for clay in the Tropical caves from the next update and you can start melting some "first-glass" obsidian stuff right from the start!

Bronze Tier of Tools


The Arid is changing. Yes, there will be more than just bronze tools, but let's leave that out for now.

You can look forward to a Bronze Pick, a Bronze Hammer, a Bronze Knife and a Bronze Saw. Watch out for the Bronze Pick in particular, as that will be the number one tool to mine iron from the next update.

Copper and its processing

With obsidian tools moving to the Tropical Region, we obviously need a new material. All hail copper! You can mine its ore from copper veins and deposits. As always, you need to smelt the ore into ingots using the Smelting Furnace. Then a new station is stepping into the spotlight: the Copper Caster!

Combine copper ingots with the rest of the components, use the Copper Caster and tadaaaa! Your new bronze tools are ready for some tooling.

That's it for today adventurers! Stay tuned for more news regarding the 2.1 update and congratulations to the winners of the giveaway, and as always...

Stay Classy!

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I'm curious, so does this mean tropical will have clay + flint deposits, and copper will be moved to arid leaving tundra with just zirconium (and a bit of gold)? 🤔 This would mean energy would be unlocked a lot earlier too except it will be locked behind getting coal and cobalt for the various energy components, unless their recipes get changed too? Either way I'm excited to see what changes!

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