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Dev Diary #287 Your Suggestions Which Made It To Ylands

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Ahoy Ylanders, 🏝️

Have we already mentioned how we like getting your feedback? Well, just in case, we love it! What we really revel in though, is implementing your suggestions! Here are the most impactful and/or recent of those that are already in the game.

  • Returning the first-person camera
  • Inventory sort button
  • Ghost pirates ARRGHHH!
  • I for inventory - TAB for latest tab
  • Bigger stack size for resources
  • Clay found in Tropical region (yea, it's caves but they are totally tropical)
  • Bag for ammo, pew pew!
  • Expanding usage variety of some containers (bye bye seashell jar)
  • More variety of blueprintable items
  • Less oppressive fog and rainy weather occurrences reduced

How do you like these changes so far, and how was Ylands life before these went live? Let us know in the comments or on our Discord


What might come next?

Whether it will be the next update or the one after that, we are always making sure to implement some of your ideas. These are next in the queue!

  • Great return of clay to the starting yland.
  • Suitcase! Finally, a proper inventory container for everyone's fashion desires.
  • Aspiring lawyers and bureaucrats in the world of Ylands get ready, 'cause our eyes are set on the document folder inventory container!

If you would like to see the muuuuch longer list of what you have suggested, take a look at this recent dev diary about that very topic HERE.

Stay Classy!

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The suitcase and document folder!? How exciting! I know many people will be especially pleased about the suitcase, can't wait.

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