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Dev Diary #296 Winter is coming to Ylands!

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Ahoy Ylanders!

This winter we have a few gifts for you. As you can read in the last Dev Diary, the next update is going to be quite big, so we made sure to take our time with that one, but don't worry we ain't gonna leave you hangin'! What do we have in store for you? Let's see!


Thanks, Ruth1ess! Maybe not a Christmas update but you can look forward to Ylands Winter Fest! Or as we in C.A.G. like to call it P...P...P...P...P...PARTEYYYYYY!


Fun Activities and Achievements

Explore the world for unique toys and tame festive animals to earn new limited Christmas achievements. There is one more activity that won't be revealed today. Guess what the third achievement will be for. Let us know in the comments!


Sale and Gifts

As every year there will be some Christmas gifts for you. Let us know what you'd like to see on sale in store.


Also, there will be a small treat for anyone to pick up on our Discord. You just need to find it there!


Discord contests and stream

We don't want to spoil all the fun, but you can be sure, that there will be a full Christmas sock of it! You can look forward to opportunities to win some Christmas themed assets. Will it be a pet, a costume or even something completely different? We shall see...


In the meantime, you can get some coyns back if you send us a screenshot or a video of your Scarecrow costume on our Discord into #halloween_payback! So don't forget to check out the current Halloween sale in the shop.

Stay Classy!

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