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Multiplayer + Cars


Hi all,

So I've just released a multiplayer game mode that has a lot of cars on it, I have built islands with tracks on them using the terrain forming tools in the editor, and have joined them together with roads.

However, so far I've lost most of my cars through them falling through the terrain while driving them on these islands / roads.

I've filmed a video that will demonstrate.

Is there any way this could be fixed pretty please? It cripples my game mode for multiplayer.

It doesn't happen at all in single player on this game mode, it started happening when I joined as a guest to my server running this game mode.


* Edit

Also two more bugs occured while I was testing as a guest on this multiplayer session -

While in 3rd person camera view mode, and driving a car, the auto-follow camera view would not trigger, and I was not able to get it to trigger, meaning that I was having to adjust the camera view with my mouse, while steering the car with my keyboard... tricky!

This works fine in first person mode, and in single player mode, so just 3rd person as a guest on multiplayer.

Secondly, as a guest on multiplayer - driving a car often jolts, visually it looks like network lag, rather than low FPS or graphical lag. Furthermore, the animals do this jolt movement as well. 

Edited by John - NEXFER

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