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Oh Yea Mr Krabs

Fix Connection Lag In The Sea!



Absolutely love this game but me and my friends are having issues with connection lag in the ocean.

I have a good connection of, 

Internet speed test

27.60         15.62

Mbps download                              Mbps upload

Everything is perfectly fine when any of us hosts a game and were on an island, no one experiences any kind of connection lag but when someone steps onto a ship in the ocean, things start to act up.

There are several annoying events that occur when one of us is on a ship in the ocean,


- Player can no longer see other players, animals and other objects (fix is to re log, but is recurrent)

- Ship becomes completely black, no visual on ladders and cannot interact with the ship (fix is to re log, but is recurrent)

- Player teleport off ship constantly (Only host can properly move around the ship)


These three are the most recurring events that occur when a player is on a ship in the ocean and are really annoying lol! 

I really enjoy playing this game and recommend it to all my friends but this is a really big issue! We all have powerful gaming computers and good connections but when it comes to being in the water on a ship, everything just breaks :(.

Really hope these issues can be fixed so we can truly experience Ylands and all its glory lol!

Cannot wait until you send out the dedicated server tools which may fix these issues!


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yeah the same problem with editing my posts

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