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    A Witches little log cabin

    So I was bored yesterday and I really like to build. That's exactly what I did. The lamp system (i think) inspiration was taken from a fellow ylander @SyxtySyx but my version is not that clean, but I tried not to take anyone elses ideas, I wanted to implement my own. That's what the house looks from outside. I just used the basic, wooden panels and some logs.. Overall a log themed house. The lamp posts are made from poles which are freeplaced. I left the door opened, because I still can't really find a good placement for a door, since it is 3 blocks wide and the wooden panels are 4x4. I wish there was curtains. Since it was raining I thought it was funny to add an umbrella on the banner. The inside of the house is me placing stuff which I liked. An alchemy table, an armchair, cabins, bed, bust, some weapons and chests. I really don't know about the alchemy outfit but oh well it is there. This took me approx. like an hour or two. What do you all think? This is one of my first builds which I liked and completed.
  2. dorgonbron

    Dev Diary #29

    You know what would be cool - a video of the dev diary. Something like this would be cool. If the Ylands team is busy updating the game, I'll be happy to lend a hand for narrating the updates and making videos of them.
  3. dorgonbron

    Next QoL

    Next QoL update should fix the map in multiplayer where the player can keep his/her map updated all the time. Also ladders in the lighthouse are kind of bugged when trying to climb down them. In multiplayer, it is kind of difficult to accumulate ylandium. What I would suggest for that is either scale the mutated monster drops to the number of players are online or make the mutated monsters respawn or give us a possibility to farm ylandium. A grouping system could also be good if you are playing with your friends so you won't get lost if you are a new player. Those are all of the bugs and/or suggestions i have in mind at the moment. This game has much potential, keep up the good work! Edit: There's also a huge amount of unused space in the lighthouse. It would be cool to be able to build in it.
  4. dorgonbron

    Ye Olde Village Decor

    What are the materials you used to make the lower part look like that? It's amazing
  5. I'm playing in multiplayer with my brother as a host and for me, the map after every relog the map is undiscovered.. Literally nothing is discovered on the map.
  6. Great thread! The crystals underground do respawn at one point, but the mutated animals do not. Would really like to see them respawn because especially in multiplayer when you want to farm Ylandium and make your armor, it's kind of difficult if there are only 13-15 mutated animals underground.