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  1. CdriXX

    french translation / last update

    @Adam Snellgrove Hello, yes just : "INVITER"
  2. Hello, @Adam Snellgrove Here : INVITER DANS should be : INVITER DANS LA PARTIE
  3. CdriXX

    1.4.1: Goodie Pack #2

    oh cool new ennemies ! Could you edit your message and add pictures of the new ennemies/new assets ? @Adam Snellgrove thanks !
  4. CdriXX

    Dev Diary #145 - Sneak Peek of Update 1.4.1

    Wahooouuu ? love the new enemies ! Congratulations for the artist love the new Ylands ❤
  5. Hello, Pre-installed blueprints in exploration mode cannot be upgraded. Indeed, if I want to add a block to the blueprint, it is impossible because the grids do not match.
  6. CdriXX

    Rain & Cave

    Hello, with the latest version of Ylands, it rains inside the caves.
  7. CdriXX

    Nitrado Servers

    ah okay ! not really cool for you
  8. CdriXX

    Nitrado Servers

    @bojo2736Hey, thanks for the reply You don't like the actual Ylands game with the new update ?
  9. CdriXX

    Nitrado Servers

    @Adam Snellgrove
  10. CdriXX

    Nitrado Servers

    Hello, the location of servers for the game can only be done online via Ylands? I used to be able to create private servers on Gportal or NItrado, but this is impossible now?
  11. CdriXX


    The game works if I disable the windows fire wall!
  12. and impossible to play ... @Adam Snellgrove even after repairing the files with steam
  13. CdriXX

    Ylands on mobile / gamepad

    thanks for the reply
  14. Is it possible to use a gamepad to play Ylands on mobile?
  15. CdriXX

    FR translation / Fine Friendships Update

    @Adam Snellgrove Hello, new text ...