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  1. Hello, ylands will be on nintendo switch soon ?
  2. CdriXX

    FR translation / Fine Friendships Update

    @Adam Snellgrove Hello, here new word always in english ingame.
  3. CdriXX

    bug with horse

    new bug ...
  4. CdriXX

    Ylands mobile and bohemia account

    Hello, it's ok now thanks !
  5. CdriXX

    Ylands mobile and bohemia account

    Yes but I have always the problem
  6. CdriXX

    Ylands mobile and bohemia account

    @Adam Snellgrove
  7. CdriXX

    Ylands mobile and bohemia account

    Always the problem...
  8. Hello I have a problem with ylands on mobile android. My bohemia account is not the same on mobile and Pc. ;(
  9. Hello no ylands for mobile in France for the moment ?
  10. CdriXX

    Dev Diary #105

    @Aleš Ulm Suggestion : add the exploration mode inside the actual beta (after fixing technical problems)
  11. CdriXX

    Dev Diary #105

    all players want to test the exploration mode... but impossible with the actual beta ... it's a joke ? @Adam Snellgrove 🤣 I tested the beta in creative mode and ... ok the sky is beautiful but about the water ... ? the water is still not fixed when digging into the ground... 😕
  12. CdriXX

    How to get Ylands 1.0 beta

    I can't link my bohemia account ... !!!! 😡 @Adam Snellgrove (Any reply from the support by email !)
  13. CdriXX

    RESOLVED [YLD-15083] Background flashes

    output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  14. when I move my character, the background flashes (no problem with the previous version of the game)
  15. yes I know that :) but yes, I can deconstruct items but not the blocks