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    Adam Statue In Playlands

    YES! Please!!!!
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    Dev Diary #161 - New Ship Type

  3. Hey there, fellow ylanders! Adam is enjoying his well-deserved vacation, but the Ylands machine never stops... Firstly there is a new Project Lead on the block, which happens to be Ales Ulm. Many of you probably know him - he has a long history with Ylands after all. He was there from its very beginning and even held the position of Project Lead in the past. Even though everyone is now probably extremely interested in finding out more about him and feel, that this information is what they have been subconsciously looking for their whole lives, we have more important things to discuss and I know that as soon as we release 1.4, Ales will time to present his visions to you fully. Ok, so you want to know at least something? What does his return to the Project Lead position mean for Ylands? Firstly, we immediately started fixing Exploration and making it once again about... well... exploration. And playing with friends. And sailing. And that other thing. If everything goes right, you should see the first (quite huge) change already in 1.5. and you will see that Exploration is anything but dead. Also, we will now pay significantly more attention to testing. Not only we are taking more time with it, but this week, we plan to make the first Experimental version of the game available for all. These Experimental Builds will be released roughly two weeks before a new update release. This time it will be PC Steam only, but with next major updates, other platforms will have this special version as well. If you are a creator dying to see the new features first and provide us with feedback (especially if you see something wrong with your existing game) you're more than welcome to give it a try! To find more information about this Experimental version, please follow this link There is so much more we want to talk to you about. So many plans and so many cool things happening... but we now have to fully focus on delivering 1.4 in the best shape possible. I will definitely talk to you again soon. And until then... stay classy, ylanders!
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    Public Experimental Branch

    Hey there fellow Ylanders, As mentioned in a recent dev diary, we are happy to invite the curious and the brave to try our Experimental Build! Available to every Steam user, the Experimental branch will offer you a chance to: test upcoming features & changes test your games & scripts report any bugs & provide early feedback ...before the release of a big update. Please note, that each Experimental Build will only be available for a limited duration (1-2 weeks), until we release the associated update. How to try the Experimental Build go your Steam library, right click Ylands, select Properties, click the "Betas" tab and enter "ExperimentalIWillBackUpMySaves" as the password (excluding the double quotes) this will unlock the "i_will_back_up_my_saves" branch after selecting the branch and confirming it, Steam will begin downloading the new experimental branch Important information Now is a good time to very strongly urge everyone trying the experimental branch to back up all your game data (saves, scenarios, etc.). You can do that by: browsing to "<steam installation folder>/userdata/<your steam id>" copying the whole "298610" folder. Keep in mind that the experimental environment uses a completely new user database, meaning that the game will require either playing as a guest or creating a new BI account (available through a link in the game) and then creating a new Ylands character. If you leave your saves folder intact, you will be able to load your older saves and scenarios with these caveats: loading older saves will create a new character for you editing scenarios will result in the scenario having more contributors - the user from the live version and the user from the experimental version For these reasons, we very heavily WARN AGAINST using any data created/modified in the experimental branch in the live version. Also keep in mind that since experimental and live environments are completely separate, you won't be able to see your friends playing the live version in the Social tab. Now for the good part Besides being able to test (and possibly break) all the cool stuff we are adding before anyone else; all players will receive 10.000 Coyns to spend however they like (within the Experimental environment - this is not transferable to the live game). You can't buy more Coyns (it would be unfair to request money from players for features in the experimental version) all players will also receive access to the exploration mode in the experimental version (even those without the DLC) Finally, any and all creations uploaded to the experimental Workshop may get purged when the experimental phase is over, so don't get too attached to them. 🙂 Have fun with all the features Ylanders, please report any bugs or suggestions you might have - and most importantly; stay classy! -- Experimental Build for Update 1.4 changelog Feature Highlights Editor improvements Custom controls can now be shared in compositions between players and scenarios as they've been implemented as a Game Logic. New Game Logic - Data set, allowing import of spreadsheet data Data will imported from external csv file Allowing pivot placement selection in entity group and weld Various smaller improvements to the overall creator flow Such as opening settings from the editor Quality of life features while scripting Improving many instances of slow UI loading speed Making publishing of an exported game more intuitive Optimized manipulation of water volumes and improved their ocean proximity detection Optimized terrain/water generation based on water volumes Ability to disable item drop on any entity Ability to add resistances to clothing effectively making them into armor Added more properties to explosives such as radius, damage and time to explode Terrain tool improvements Various improvements to the terrain tools should make terrain sculpting easier Allowed underwater terrain painting Terrain painting merged with Terrain tools in the editor Any underwater terraforming (uncovering water from its sides or bottom) disabled within gameplay (by a shovel, spade, rake, pick, mining drill, terraformer, bomb, etc.) Performance optimizations Visual scripting improvements General Visual Scripting facelift greatly improving navigation while scripting. Search improvements Scripting UI improvements Scenario optimization stats New set of tools / indicators that will help the creators to optimize their games to run on Mobile devices immensely. Displaying memory consumption and scene complexity Matchmaking New multiplayer functionality available for Creators via Visual scripting enhances the ability to transfer players from one multiplayer game to another via aggregating the players from several different servers instead of one dynamically spawns new servers depending on the number of players requesting the target game. Audio improvements Adding new music tracks available for creators. More sound possibilities added into visual scripting. Improving acoustics in interiors and exteriors. General Improvements Nitrado User Dedicated Servers - Allowing management of rented servers directly on Nitrado website without the need to launch the game. NOTE: this feature will unfortunatelly not be functional on the experimental branch Skill improvements - making the skills a bit easier to setup in the editor Example of skills for editor added New creatures New Atlantean set: Crablin Crabrawler Shooting improvements New reload animations Projectile trails implemented Reworked system for recoil and aiming with crosshair Reworked shotguns New weapons Steel machinegun Atlantean pistol Main menu overhaul Improving the layout of the main menu. Adding game categories to make searching for a game easier. Improved message system New Message system has been created for better communication between players: sending messages even if they are offline, the ability to pin messages and receive news from developers. New Assets Atlantean set New creatures Crablin Crabrawler Atlantean door Atlantean tunic Atlantean shorts Lasture hat Atlantean sandals Wooden harpoon Stone harpoon Iron harpoon Steel harpoon Atlantean trident Atlantean sword Sawfish saber Crab pincer mace Coral staff Coral trident Large Atlantean door Big Atlantean door Atlantean wand Atlantean crossbow Atlantean bow Merfolk statue Atlantean vase Atlantean relief Corabl table Oyster chair Coral bed Atlantean dress Atlanten skirt Coral crown Coral shirt Fishscale helmet Fishscale armor boots Fishscale armor pants Fishscale armor Glowing coral - 2 variants Merfolk NPC heads Male and Female Merfolk NPC hairstyles Male and Female Firing weapons Steel machinegun Atlantean pistol Other Toolbox - inventory container for tools Stone tablet - 8 variants Pizza Hawaii Pizza Hawaii slice Additions and Improvements Added: Skills example scenario [YLD-25068] Added: Game settings option to show/hide energy lines. The lines are always visible when holding energy linker tool. [YLD-24843] Added: game entries into the Editor menu [YLD-21170] Added: VS: a new tile Is Item to check that target object is an item (can be in an inventory) [YLD-24190] Added: VS: 3 script tiles to add Worn particles to items. (equipment) [YLD-24912] Added: VS: You can now listen Entity label events in Event listeners [YLD-24671] Added: seeds can be planted in flower pots [YLD-24878] Added: Editor: special attacks modifiers to properties of melee weapons [YLD-25142] Added: VS: For each array in another array [YLD-25061] Tweaked: Editor: optimized object properties window for list of entities in Entity label and for list of game logic objects in Game logic label Added: new inventory container for storing tools - TOOLBOX [YLD-24839] Tweaked: VS: script tiles Min, Max, Push array, Concatenate array, Concatenate string can have variable number of arguments [YLD-24819] Added: Editor: Entity templates can reference original entity and use its state on game export [YLD-21223] Added: slider in object properties for stack count [YLD-24382] Added: VS: Get players and Get single player (only for single player games) script tiles [YLD-25542] Tweaked: Disable AI pathfinding dialog text [YLD-25482] Tweaked: Editor: default mobile button position for custom triggers is the one which is the least used [YLD-25409] Tweaked: VS: Items in script tile contexts menu are now sorted alphabetically Tweaked: Lowered rhino mount speed [YLD-25065] Tweaked: Editor: deep profiling results had a lot of unnecessary indentation levels [YLD-20957] Tweaked: Incoming maintenance notifications are now displayed both in chat and as a notification. Tweaked: faster walk cycle for directional animations [YLD-24688] Tweaked: VS: "Widget ID" tiles used in "Get widget" tile are filtered to show only widgets available in Game logic referenced in "Custom UI" argument [YLD-21504] Tweaked: Editor: you can now unweld multiple selected entity welds with one click [YLD-24537] Tweaked: Editor: special value -1 in repeat count/execution limit for Trigger zones/Event listeners is now hidden to you [YLD-24476] Tweaked: Editor: whole toggle line is clickable in object properties Tweaked: Editor: default sound in Sound effect game logic is now "fire loop" [YLD-24877] Editor: Gameplay settings - adding options to turn off default item drop [YLD-25246] Added option to set resistances on clothes [YLD-25245] Added: additional custom properties for Timed Explosives Fixes [YLD-24577] Fixed: Codex: Incorrect hotkey definition for dismount action and summon animal [YLD-25763] Fixed: Lighting ball particle did not render all it's parts after game save/load [YLD-25769] Fixed: VS: Remove from skill list did not work (it tried to add provided skill instead) [YLD-24320] Fixed: regenerate ocean tool floods only edited chunks of terrain [YLD-25631] Fixed: NPC templates should now have their skin color rendered correctly [YLD-25603] Fixed: When dynamite would be lit, it would be possible to pick it up and try to lit it again. That would result in an exception. [YLD-25001] Fixed: Car Element placing sound would be played when car would be assembled/disassembled. [YLD-25086] Fixed: Bug of stand up sound while sitting on a passenger chair of an vehicle. [YLD-24165] Fixed: When swimming underwater, player should not encounter missing triangles of water near the edge of the screen anymore Fixed: Multiplayer: New game accounts with no friends and no whisper history would not appear in Current game session overview. [YLD-25573] Fixed: Sleeping: Player can sleep alone on multiplayer server because of infinite sleep and other player sees time passing fast [YLD-21227] Fixed: Editor: Current HP of an entity can be set to a negative value [YLD-25580] Fixed: Count with using racional numbers does not work in languages using "decimal comma" instead of "decimal point". [YLD-25531] Fixed: VS: Entities in groups are losing referenced instructions from global storage when saved in composition [YLD-25154] Fixed: Cancelling a pending sleep would lead into various unexpected problems such as wrong UI hints and potentially breaking multiplayer. [YLD-23022] Fixed: Fixed item previews to contain particle effects again for items that have continuously emitted particles (e.g., Ylandium Generator) [YLD-25446] Fixed: Universal games downloaded from your sharegames or rented server could not be opened in Genesys for editing. [YLD-25448] Fixed: Sometimes energy network connection would work incorrectly and supply power to devices that are not connected to energy source [YLD-25446] Fixed: Universal games downloaded from your sharegames or rented server could not be opened in Genesys for editing. [YLD-25432] Fixed: VS: Some events generated in user script code in On player connected event were not caught by Event listeners (eq. On Equip) [YLD-8048] Fixed: Items: if you cut rubber tree, you can extract rubber indefinitely [YLD-17509] Fixed: VS: you get now proper message when trying to work with Entity storage data of destroyed entity. [YLD-24667] Fixed: Incorrect message is shown to the user when trying to link to a Bohemia account with too many incorrect tries. [YLD-25433] Fixed: Blueprints: blocks can be placed in unfinished blueprint [YLD-25435] Fixed: An issue where you couldn't place anything on vehicles from blueprints that you cancelled, until you reloaded the save. [YLD-20249] Fixed: Hotbar : Placing mode is cancelled after you open and close escape menu [YLD-22116] Fixed: Rhinoceros unnaturally bend their neck [YLD-25418] Fixed: Editor: Disabling trigger zone when entity was inside and then enabling it when entity was already outside of the trigger zones triggered wrongly "On trigger exit" [YLD-25066] Fixed: some random encounters spawn in each other [YLD-24433] Fixed: Forced Camera FOV affects the editor camera, but not the camera preview [YLD-23452] Fixed: some old explore saves get stuck on loading [YLD-25410] Fixed: Editor: a visual issue with an universal game bounds when a camera was under water [YLD-25201] Fixed: Editor: disabling/enabling animated trigger zones could make them stop to work [YLD-25394] Fixed: Editor: Referencing a Particle template in Entity's script could cause that the Particle template was not visible in editor [YLD-23814] Fixed: Camera : dismounting of animal can place camera under terrain or behind wall [YLD-25380] Fixed: Main menu - Editor - search did not work [YLD-24871] Fixed: Get ID button doesn't work [YLD-24979] Fixed: VS: On killed event is now called after entity is set to be dead (you were able to "kill it" several times) [YLD-24844] Fixed: compositions with entity welds using glowing colors could not be placed [YLD-24904] Fixed: VS: Entity label was not detach from an entity on its destruction if the label was attached to it in different stage (attached to seedling and failed to detached from "same" young orchid) Fixed: If you uploaded a creation to the workshop through the game, but didn't publish it in the last step, following uploads wouldn't show the "Quick upload" button. [YLD-24832] Fixed: VS: Not triggered Delay instruction on destroyed game logic objects could prevent a game to be saved [YLD-14184] Fixed: Custom interactions: sometimes was particle played at character's feet [YLD-24795] Fixed: Editor: Multieditation of different type of objects with "Damage multiplier" broke object properties window until restarting a game. [YLD-24764] Fixed: VS: "On attack range" event disappeared from an event list on fire arms [YLD-24719] Fixed: Editor: setting parameters of equipped weapon did not work [YLD-22941] Fixed: Building: placing animal does not collide with vehicles [YLD-18916] Fixed: Igniting gunpower keg in the cave wall makes it explode onto the top of elevated terrain [YLD-24687] Fixed: heavy attack weapon particle was played only once [YLD-24667] Fixed: Account link: incorrect messages when account is locked due multiple invalid attempts [YLD-24310] Fixed: Camera: It's possible to see through cave walls when mounted on animal [YLD-23952] Fixed: random encounters can spawn on a cave entrance [YLD-24617] Fixed: Editor: changing sound/particle from/to instant did not keep set data [YLD-24604] Fixed: instant particles on skill time line were played together Fixed: VS: Get "Energy Port Count" tile could not be used in expressions Fixed: Editor: changing position or rotation of objects in Entity template could cause an error [YLD-15728] Fixed: Blueprints: Player can place blueprint in other players barrier [YLD-19803][YLD-24319] Fixed: VS: attached entity labels by script were not persistent through save/load Fixed: VS: writing a new script text to userscript.js is not considered in profiler time [YLD-24366] Fixed: If you launched Ylands via a manually created shortcut to Ylands.exe, output_log would be created into AppData instead of the game folder. [YLD-22809] Fixed: custom pet names are not saved correctly [YLD-24260] Fixed: Editor: undo for placing second helm/anchor lever on boat did not return the origin helm/anchor lever [YLD-24323] Fixed: Collision detection issues of rotated block shape trigger zone with entities with block colliders. [YLD-24097] Fixed: VS: entity storage data were lost for objects changed in time (blazing to slowly burning workstation for example) after a change
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    Mini medieval city

    This is AMAZING
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    Dev Diary #109

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    Dev Diary #104

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    Interview Ynterview #11 - Marci

    The plan is constructed using a highly scientific mixture of: previous experience (both personal and company-wide) industry best-practices stea...taking ideas from anywhere, where they worked a hint of outside the box thinking a good dose of good ol' gut feelings creating a bunch of KPIs and making sure every action we do, push the game towards achieving those coming up with other three-letter abbreviations using our communal tomato soup with alphabet noodles And as a rule of thumb, we always start with an initial plan and a budget and when we see how a given action is panning out we make adjustments to either that given plan real time (if it's possible - like old fashioned digital advertising) or making sure we modify the next stage / iteration of the plan if it cannot be so easily modified while it's actually running (like influencer marketing). And as an EVEN MORE general answer: we are planning to support Ylands for many years to come - so the 1.0 release - though important - is "just" another step along the way, so we are not treating it as "this is our one and only chance" situation. We'll do our best - learn from the mistakes / successes and import those into the next update What WILL change however, is that with the release of the game, community feedback and needs will be EVEN more important to us than before and will serve as the main guiding force behind an increasing number of our actions and directions with the game.
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    Dev Diary #95

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    0.14: Playful Platform (05/09/2019)

    Hey guys, we have a small update for you already - bigger changes / improvements coming soon in the form of more substantial hotfixes. Update: 09/09/2019 re-enabled scripting of save files in the editor Fixed - YLD-18650 - Unable to join room with password Fixed - YLD-18635 - Deleting arguments in user storage instruction could cause an error