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  1. Marci Magyar

    Dev Diary #95

  2. Marci Magyar

    0.14: Playful Platform (05/09/2019)

    Hey guys, we have a small update for you already - bigger changes / improvements coming soon in the form of more substantial hotfixes. Update: 09/09/2019 re-enabled scripting of save files in the editor Fixed - YLD-18650 - Unable to join room with password Fixed - YLD-18635 - Deleting arguments in user storage instruction could cause an error
  3. Marci Magyar

    Dev Diary #94

  4. Marci Magyar

    Dev Diary #91

  5. Marci Magyar

    Dev Diary #90

  6. Marci Magyar

    Dev Diary #90

  7. Marci Magyar

    P1 Building Competition! #9 - Game Jam!

    Hey guys, Can the winners PM me their in-game names? Cheers, Marci
  8. Marci Magyar

    0.13: Fine Friendships (20/06/2019)

    Update: 23/07/2019 YLD-17635 Fixed - Editor: Strange mistake with the terrain
  9. Marci Magyar

    0.13: Fine Friendships (20/06/2019)

    Update: 17/07/2019 YLD-17251 Fixed - Ship: Building blocks disappear from vehicles once you disasseble them YLD-17296 Fixed - Trading issues: two players trade when their package are full. The item they choose is inconsistent with that added into the trade bar. YLD-17360 Fixed - Trade: Trade breaks if you offer 7 items and scroll. YLD-17603 Fixed - Construction mode: turning construction on will delete all blocks - ship or car cannot turn YLD-17615 Fixed - Camera: Horse: Camera remains focused and following the horse after respawn, if you die while riding a horse YLD-16905 Fixed - Boats: Wooden raft behavior is broken YLD-17250 Fixed - VS: changing animator/movement instruction in the end of previous instruction bug
  10. Marci Magyar

    Warship Castilla

    This is gorgeous 😍
  11. Marci Magyar

    Dev Diary #84

    Unless you count learning some silly (and not so silly) facts about someone who works countless hours on the game you enjoy and play and otherwise would have never know he exists...yes, I guess it had nothing to do with the game.
  12. Marci Magyar

    Dev Diary #85

    Hey there ylanders...this was not the best post to write and it was done with a heavy heart. So please, stay awhile and listen for this Dev Diary - from Ane - for the last time. --- Hi there fellow ylanders, I'm not sure how to begin this post, because after 2369 posts on this forum... this is going to be my last one. I've been working on Ylands pretty much since the project took shape (there wasn't even a community back in the day, as the game wasn't even public)... and let me tell you, it's been a hell of a ride! It's been nice to slowly build our little community, and what makes me the proudest is that (except for a very few exceptions here and there), everyone has always been so helpful and kind. I can only but thank you for the laughs, for your patience, and for believing in this little game that we call Ylands, that has really taken shape thanks to you! It's been a pleasure to read you every day, and remember - things can only get better from here! --- From my end - let me thank Ane for all the hard work, passion and love she had put into the game AND the community around it. Ylands literally wouldn't be the same without her - and she will be sorely missed. BUT on a brighter note, I can tell you from a trustworthy source that she is all good and pursuing her dreams, so weep not ylanders. And for a grand finale, please enjoy Ane's answers to the silly questions from last week - something you all seem to like and enjoy immensely! -- Please introduce yourself If you're reading this forum post and you don't know what I do... you're probably new What was your official job title I've been the Ylands Community Manager for the last 4 years (and 2 months!) What's your imaginary job title In my mind, I wanna be the person responsible for preventing ice-creams to melt down. What's the last thing you've added to Ylands If we're talking about Ylands as a game... probably some of the texts in the game, as I was also proofreading the English text and translating the game into Spanish What's your favourite item in Ylands and why I'm gonna say the potato grenade... because I love me some randomness (but Mr. Winston will always have a special place in my heart) Would you rather paint the beach pink or beach the pink paint? This is me in my newly painted pink beach! (provided by the paint gun, ofc) What are your final words of wisdom to the Ylands community Drink water, eat your veggies, and stay classy! --- That's it for now, stay classy ylanders and have an amazing weekend!
  13. What I can tell you is this: we ARE seeing every single report and making sure they are catalogued and dealt with. We might not act on them immediately, and it might seem that we just disregard them - releasing an update that has nothing to with your concerns, but please keep one thing in mind: long before your reports come in, we already have a (very packed) plan on what to deliver, how and when. That of course, IS affected by your input, but only to a certain degree. This is not because your input is less valuable (on the contrary) but if we allow ourselves to stray from the roadmap we've set out...you probably wouldn't see 1.0 for a very long time. Is this ideal? No...not really, but this is the truth. On a more positive note: there will come a time, when our focus will be almost exclusively making sure the game is up to your standards (aka. polishing phase). So until then, just please give us the benefit of a doubt, and trust us - we ARE listening.
  14. Just hang in there Even if sometimes it might look like we are not listening...we are, really. We are aware of the issues, big and small, and are doing our best to fix them and deliver the best possible experience for you. 0.13 changed a lot of underlying systems, and it was expected that it will cause...ripples. We still believe it was an important and necessary step, to bring the game, ultimately to a stage where you can say "enthusiasm to eat and go out still haven't appeared after 3 days of launching ylands 1.0".