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    Mini medieval city

    This is AMAZING
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    Dev Diary #109

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    Dev Diary #104

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    Interview Ynterview #11 - Marci

    The plan is constructed using a highly scientific mixture of: previous experience (both personal and company-wide) industry best-practices stea...taking ideas from anywhere, where they worked a hint of outside the box thinking a good dose of good ol' gut feelings creating a bunch of KPIs and making sure every action we do, push the game towards achieving those coming up with other three-letter abbreviations using our communal tomato soup with alphabet noodles And as a rule of thumb, we always start with an initial plan and a budget and when we see how a given action is panning out we make adjustments to either that given plan real time (if it's possible - like old fashioned digital advertising) or making sure we modify the next stage / iteration of the plan if it cannot be so easily modified while it's actually running (like influencer marketing). And as an EVEN MORE general answer: we are planning to support Ylands for many years to come - so the 1.0 release - though important - is "just" another step along the way, so we are not treating it as "this is our one and only chance" situation. We'll do our best - learn from the mistakes / successes and import those into the next update What WILL change however, is that with the release of the game, community feedback and needs will be EVEN more important to us than before and will serve as the main guiding force behind an increasing number of our actions and directions with the game.
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    Dev Diary #95

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    0.14: Playful Platform (05/09/2019)

    Hey guys, we have a small update for you already - bigger changes / improvements coming soon in the form of more substantial hotfixes. Update: 09/09/2019 re-enabled scripting of save files in the editor Fixed - YLD-18650 - Unable to join room with password Fixed - YLD-18635 - Deleting arguments in user storage instruction could cause an error
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    Dev Diary #94

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    Dev Diary #91

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    Dev Diary #90

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    Dev Diary #90

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    P1 Building Competition! #9 - Game Jam!

    Hey guys, Can the winners PM me their in-game names? Cheers, Marci
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    0.13: Fine Friendships (20/06/2019)

    Update: 23/07/2019 YLD-17635 Fixed - Editor: Strange mistake with the terrain