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  1. Skyfist

    DEV ANSWER Undestructible buildings

    OK. I accept that. But when I make a mistake, now it will the repairs take a longer. Perhaps, in single mode could be destroing easier than multiplayer mode. Cheats are easy way, but I don´t like it Thanks for your answer.
  2. I don't know if it's the bug. When I build a wall from blocks and then I'm not able to destroy it. (I know that a block can be pick up to 2 minutes.) And ulint founter is undestructible too. I tried it with stone and sandstone block. I used pick and hammer. Can I remove any building? And how? Thanks
  3. Skyfist

    DEV ANSWER Smelting Furnace does not work.

    I used wooden piece and now its OK. But it doesn't work with coal and charcoal. Thanks.
  4. Skyfist

    DEV ANSWER Smelting Furnace does not work.

    Hello. How to insert fuel into furnace? Thanks.