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  1. Glad i'm not the only one. It's so strange that this is happening. It's disappointing and quite frankly, feels unfair to those of us that are paying to host our servers. At this rate it's just free hosting for P1.
  2. Bro did you just call me a pimp? That's legit one of the most amazing compliments i've ever received. Thank you,
  3. So unfortunately we already reset the server in our attempt a few days ago to resolve the issue. We no longer have access to the old files, we never played on a P1 server before so it had never been saved. Also @jchob I really love the passive-aggressiveness. I wish you could have any valid input to this conversation but unfortunately you have no real input. Thanks for the comments though, made my day.
  4. Name : Aplem Server : Home Vasectomy - Exploration
  5. Thank you Adam. I wish I had files to attach but unfortunately I have no recent backups.
  6. So what it just changed my CUSTOM SERVER THAT WE SPENT OUR TIME ON TO THIS? Nobody changed the gamemode, nobody has permission to and nothing happened. It just changed MY SERVER TO THIS. WHY.
  7. How's it going. I have a private Multiplayer server I rented that we have had a long term Custom Exploration game hosted on. Today when we tried to join the server loaded up an entirely different map that was spammed with P1 everywhere and was saying "public servers don't last long blah blah blah" and some other crap. To me, this is basically saying : 1. We just lost our world to some backend server glitch that deleted our world and made the world convert to some crappy P1 Multiplayer Tutorial begging others to join their Discord. 2. I just lost the $30 I have now spent on this games currency, and once again, it was all for nothing. This is entirely unacceptable. Between the failed server payments that never go through, the terrible performance and now my game getting corrupted to nothingness I am beyond peeved. This is hours that we have spent making our perfect little word just gone down the drain. I have always supported Ylands since the very beginning but this is supposed to be a real release and I am nothing but disappointed. I don't mean to sound rude but at this point I don't know what to do. I would either like a full refund back of all the useless currency I have now purchased for MY SERVER that was corrupted into this piece of crap Multiplayer Discord Begging tutorial, or I want to see some form of backup from THE SERVERS END with my world on it. Thank you.
  8. New update, upon testing I am noticing what also is causing this issue is editing particle effects on a weapon equipped to a character in the template. EDIT : I have deduced that the cause of this bug is for sure* particle effects being used on any actor or an item attached to them (e.g. weapons). I noticed this after attempting to make unique weapons that would only spawn under certain circumstances. These weapons often had particle effects attached to make them even more unique. Whenever a boss had this item in their inventory as soon as a particle effect was added it would cause this issue. If I created a character with the custom weapon first and then copied them over it would still cause the same issue. I will attempt to get a video of this posted here by the end of today (Sunday 03/29).
  9. Prior to the editor update using NPC's on templates worked flawlessly. NPC's are perfectly okay to be on templates as that is a majorly common way to create spawners and similar things
  10. @TomasGestinger here is the log files for today during my two reloads as well as the save game. This one is no longer in the old map I made. This is happening reliably on any new game I am creating under the new editor and everything. I did notice something peculiar however. The issue seems to reliably start up if you create a human NPC (male or female) and change all their stats and gear and then use the eyedropper to put them in an Entity Template. This causes that weird clock to pop up and then starts spamming nonsense. I then noticed that when using the eyedropper it also creates a duplicate physical character INSIDE the original. They are standing inside each other. You can see this in the save file I attached. See attached Broken Editor.zip to get both logs for today and the save file. Broken Editor.zip Thank you!
  11. Yeah certainly. Next time it happens i'll post the save and all the logs for it.
  12. Yeah i'm still having the issue too. It's so weird.
  13. How's it going! I've ran into a wonderfully inconvenient issue that has completely halted progress on weeks of work and potentially corrupted and ruined it. Every time I click on a new entity it will proceed to stack these on one after the next and they are completely empty. This has been causing the editor to unresponsive and I have to force quit the game as it gets stuck in the visual scripter. I have already lost hours and hours of progress due to this issue and now, simply put, it won't go away. Restarts fixed it once and now they don't. As you can see on this wonderful image, this happens every time I click on an entity. Entities that aren't even related cross over these empty boxes of nothing. The worst part is, even upon clicking into the entity that has info stored, those boxes with the clocks(??) still stay there. Unmoving, unwavering, taunting and laughing. Any input would be greatly appreciated as this is the furthest I have made it on a project of mine and now at this rate i'm just demotivated to even keep playing Ylands. This experience has just left me broken because during my time in quarantine this is what i've been focusing on. Thank you!
  14. Sorry I didn't respond sooner! It is all resolved. Thank you!
  15. How's it goin y'all. I just ran in to an issue here that I find... odd? I had paid for two dedicated servers no more than two weeks ago but upon me going and trying to start it up I noticed that it says I don't even HAVE any servers under my account. Just wondering if this was an issue anybody else is having and what I can do to go about resolving this. Thank you!