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  1. bures.peter

    Cannon damage bug

    Try you a map? Its all right?
  2. bures.peter

    Cannon damage bug

    I send file in rar below...I hope this format is right… (.yca) TEST MAP EDITOR.rar
  3. bures.peter

    Cannon damage bug

    Yes, sorry - today in the evening… (yesterday i repair some critical bugs in my game, and do some necessary test) Sorry for waiting i have little time
  4. bures.peter

    Sky Battlegrounds

    Version 0.5.8 published = Arena BETA VERSION More NPC in arena will be added soon IN VERSION 0.6+. (current 8 NPCs) Now i only change some visual scipts and add ingame changelog. "Intro BETA window" from previous version will be removed. On Picture is Thor (lvl8 BOSS from arena)
  5. bures.peter

    Cannon damage bug

    Why you dont download it from workshop? (isnt protected) + im not on PC now), try download it. I can upload it maybe tomorow again...
  6. bures.peter

    Cannon damage bug

    published: https://workshop.ylands.com/asset/5964 name: TEST MAP EDITOR
  7. bures.peter

    Can't change weather locally for zone. Is it possible?

    Ok - you will know more than me… Good luck with solution
  8. bures.peter

    Can't change weather locally for zone. Is it possible?

    There isnt something like "weather zone" if i know… Only Environment zone. Thanks for that - i didnt know about this script.
  9. bures.peter

    Dev Diary #129 - New AI Features

    Will be NPC able attack player on stairs, stumps, ruins, etc? Now Npc stuck under and "look around"...
  10. bures.peter

    Can't change weather locally for zone. Is it possible?

    In my opinion you can change weather only globaly. You can´t use script for zones etc. But there is possibility to use share games? So you can travel to another world with different weather
  11. bures.peter

    How to fling off players on impact

    https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Ylands_Tile_-_Character_velocity This is it
  12. bures.peter

    More Pve/p based scripting options

    Play my game "Sky Battlegrounds". I have all of that.
  13. bures.peter

    Cannon damage bug

    Yes i can, but maybe tomorrow?
  14. bures.peter

    Cannon damage bug

    I test it now and just change damage multiplier in cannon and work "perfectly" Why "perfectly"? Couse first test my cannon dont shoot with bomb when say "You cant shoot Protective Barrier Generator" (In czech language) maybe - your game is corrupted, couse your bomb can have damage multiplier, but all explodes dont have multipliers! Multiplier have only weapons…
  15. Look here: Thank´s for favor 😉