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  1. *bump* same. no code and my accounts are linked to my email and steam. (its not on my steam list either)
  2. Jason Kummerfield

    RESOLVED Fishing bug MP

    So I held of reporting this untill i managed to check with another host. When your a guest on someones game or dedicated server the messages you recieve on screen for fishing "No luck this time" or whatever it is do not show on the guest screen. On 2 sererate maps each with diffrent hosts we have noticed the HOST infact gets this message on his screen when someone ELSE is fishing. Even if he is nowhere nearby. I would also like to add that many times when on a hosted server as guest that when you are standing on a large ship and drip something on deck or even fish while on deck the objects often seem to fall through boat to the sea floor. Loving this game tho. Wishing the winds at you back in dev and smooth sailing in patching:D
  3. Jason Kummerfield

    RESOLVED Large ship wont turn

    So I finally built myself a large ship and I decided to set it up a little before setting sail. I built a small cabin frame on deck, placed a smelting pit a cooking stove and a small wooden bed. My ship now unable to turn at all. It sails in a straight line forward and backwards. My ship has a large mast and the helm rebuilt at front of ship and if flags show wind direction wind should be at my back.
  4. Jason Kummerfield

    Editor mode problem

    Having same issue. Maybe a "Home" keybind to cycle spawn points or editor markers of some sort. I have also been having issues with the level terrain button ,especially underwater, the leveling hieght changes from original point of origin too easly.
  5. Jason Kummerfield

    Some suggestions

    Hmm strange i have yet to see cotton seeds. I had to sleep for almost 2 days, do a lap of my island then rinse and repeat till I had enough cotton to make a large sail. Is it a specific tool you use or am i just the most RNG hated player alive. Lol Yay thanks for the reply. I just started following this game once i bought it so i may have missed posts about thirst and water. Is there a better arrow then stone or am i just missing a material before a new recipe shows up? Thanks. Keep up the good work. Already this game is great and your only a few updates in. I hold high hopes for the future of ylands and its crew.
  6. Jason Kummerfield

    Some suggestions

    Iron arrows/bolts with tip made from iron spike would be neat. Maybe a telescope too. Maybe some sort made of bamboo and glass. is there any plans for thirst to go with this hunger? Bucket to move water? Plantable cotton. My island ran out before i could make a sail. Had to wait days ingame to find a few more. Would be nice to farm them in some way. And finally watering plants or will they stay "wild growth" style?