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  1. jchob

    Explore H

    Make ylands compatible to Nintendo switch lite ? Also, do you have a list of compatible mobile smartphones/ tablets?
  2. jchob

    Far East Biome Not Always Generating in Exploration

    Check Dev Diary #112 . You’ll be able to find the Far East Yland in nearly every Exploration map and you can also play around with it in Editor
  3. jchob

    Far East Biome Not Always Generating in Exploration

    I'm pretty sure they said it wouldn't be generated always. When you generate a new map, there is a chance it is generated. So, it's intended by them, I think.
  4. jchob

    Dev Diary #113

    The new ones are not bad at all, but I like the old more too.
  5. Can we have an option to set the height when using terrain sculpt? I know that Unity3D has this setting, and ylands is based on Unity3D, if I'm not mistaken. That means, the "height value" determines "how tall is the hill". In the game is very hard to aim "every click" to keep the height smooth. I hope that makes sense, it would be awesome That would be awesome.
  6. jchob

    bug with horse

    I wouldnt call that a bug
  7. jchob

    new island?

    Yes, it's a new biome. New trees, flowers, etc etc
  8. Before that, make AI range attack. At least I can only make NPC melee attack. Or am I missing something?
  9. Ooooooh that's why then... I broke my wall and computer because it wasn't working with me.... Brain to body - - > see I told you the code was correct, why did you punched the wall? ?? j/k
  10. jchob

    Comments in Editor

    Thank you
  11. People don't believe me when I say that ghosts exist
  12. jchob

    Dev Diary #112

    Most important, fix the exploration servers. As you already know, they are having a lot of issues. I totally stopped playing exploration, which was the main reason I started to play ylands. I love the editor and playing with scripting. But I really miss my adventures in Exploration and giving @MyPa553ng3r a lot of headaches ?
  13. jchob

    Can candles be permanently lit?

    He said he has been using editor. If it's a map generated from inside editor. I think burning objects can be scripted to burn again with scripting. I haven't tested candles but I think they work similarly to the brazier.
  14. jchob

    Comments in Editor

    @Houp are you going to add the //comments in next update? Even a simple game needs us to have comments in our code. You know the feeling when you have a ton of "coding lines" ??
  15. jchob

    Dev Diary #112

    The new costume looks cool. But I would prefer having it as "crafting clothes". It would be cool having them for a sci fi style game where teamed players are dressed all the same. Can't wait to see the new biome ?
  16. jchob

    Interview Ynterview #17 - Naru

    I speak for myself, I need that tutorial. I'm lazy enough to think about it and try for myself ??
  17. jchob

    Interview Ynterview #17 - Naru

    I think the technique used is called "procedural map generation". Is commonly used to generate maps/land/groung/hills randomly
  18. I know this is not "an important thing", but... Raider Armor torso and pants can't change all colors. On other items, the colors which can't be changed usually are marked with a "x" The Raider Armor showing the color without x, but also can't be changed @Adam Snellgrove, sorry to bother you with such a thing
  19. jchob

    Collision Detection

    Yes, distance is set to 0 and speed&acceleration is high enough to have the triggerzone always at middle of the player. off-topic: in some cases, instead of using Animators l, you can use the tiles MOVE TO and ROTATE TO
  20. jchob

    Interview Ynterview #17 - Naru

    Oh look the guy with weird hair ?? I like it eheh Uh oh, that would be a fun fight. I won't bet on you tho ?
  21. jchob

    Collision Detection

    Well, I have a triggerzone using the FOLLOW TO player. But as you say, having many of them can cause performance drops, maybe? I haven't tested with a lot of them, tho.
  22. jchob

    Mini medieval city

    My In-game name is JCHOBS
  23. jchob

    Cute Robot w/ Missles

    Oof, I need to try one for myself
  24. Oof, I also lost many work until I learnt to save my file every minute