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  1. BinarySemaphore

    Tech-Tree (Crafting Recpies)

    Would like to second this so we can reveal crafting particular to or own gameplay. Maybe bump up the Exploration point reward by 1 or 2 points and use those to unlock from the tech-tree 🤔
  2. Not sure if this fully applies to Ylands from the Windows store, as I've only played it through Steam, but I know from other Windows store apps the EXE and related files are usually located here: "C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\Packages\<company.appname_id>" The folder is restricted to only Trusted Installer so you'll have to change the advanced security settings to give yourself permission to read/write in Packages. I'd imagine Ylands might save somewhere else other than the install folder, but again I'm not particularly sure in this case. Hope this helps a bit. Maybe at a dev of community manager for better details than what I can guess.
  3. BinarySemaphore

    DLC not in the steam store anymore

    The team is on a team retreat until Monday. I'm not 100% sure on this, but I think the game gives a set time for exploration demo or works as long as you're on the "starting yland". If one of your friends is missing the exploration DLC, it's not purchased via steam store. You're friend can get it in the Yland's in-game store. Hope this helps.
  4. BinarySemaphore

    Dev Diary #220 Those tiny, annoying things...

    Needing the compass equipped while on land. It would be nice if it was enabled just having it in your inventory.
  5. BinarySemaphore

    Cookable Fish

    In 1.9 you can craft raw fish meat from small fish and a knife (any knife or maybe any sharp edge - not sure). That can be cooked.
  6. BinarySemaphore

    Control room on Ember Island

    Check out this post: Spoilers are further down, but the first few comments mention a missing paper with code. Maybe you can compare with OP to see if you're missing one of the notes/numbers. I ran into the same issue, mistaking one note for a new number and missing the other note with the actual number to complete the code. It took a lot of searching and I can't recall which note(s) were so difficult to find, but I did eventually find all of them and get the code figured out. Best of luck.
  7. BinarySemaphore

    Terrain modification on mobile

    Nice! You got some Select the sandstone chunk in your inventory. Click the eye icon to inspect the item and select break. It should give you 5 sand per chunk. Source: https://ylands.fandom.com/wiki/Breaking_Items
  8. BinarySemaphore

    Terrain modification on mobile

    I believe you can get sandstone chunks from caves in the arid biom, then break those in your inventory to get sand. I can't think of another way on mobile, other than maybe an NPC merchant.
  9. BinarySemaphore

    Lost items in volcano on Ember Island

    Not sure if terrain can be edited on Mystery Ylands (never tried it myself), but if it can, maybe you can dig under the volcano and up towards the "kill zone" to drop the items down to your friend. Other than that, I think they're lost. I noticed you mentioned in another post for the control room, your friend might have a needed item for the island. If you can't recover their stuff, you can reset Mystery Ylands. It will cost you exploration points again, but would let you and your friend get unstuck. If your friend's items can't be recovered, I know myself and others on the forum have extra sets of rare items and hoards of resources. If you'd like I or someone else could join up with you temporarily and help craft/give back what was lost. On that note: if resetting the Mystery Yland is prohibitively expensive, I can rerun the island on my end and report back or share the required item needed to fix the control room. Just let me know (feel free to message me directly if you'd like to do any of that). Best of luck and I hope you can get your friend's stuff back and complete the island.
  10. I've experienced this as well with my ship. I resorted to making many keys to lock up mostly everything on my ship. I'll check it after work today to see if it's still a problem. If it is, I'll try to get it my in-use ship as a composition or blueprint and also submit it. EDIT/UPDATE: I check my ship again and it's not a problem for me anymore (using iron blocks and windows). It actually works out though for MP, since I welcome people aboard sometimes and it gives me peace of mind. Additionally, there is a player repositioning event when the ship doesn't have an anchor down and there are waves pushing it up and down: If anyone swims under the ship's keel and pushes against it, the game will (I think when the ship is in a downward motion) resolve the collision by pushing the player up to the nearest open space on the top deck of the ship's hull. This can put players inside what could/would be locked rooms inside the ship. So yeah, I'd recommend locking important things up on/inside your ship when in MP. My keychain is almost full though 😱
  11. BinarySemaphore

    Fatal Login Error

    Did you try disabling your firewall and trying again? Some more information would be helpful. When do you get the login error message? What firewall are you using?
  12. BinarySemaphore

    Fatal Login Error

    When do you see the error, is it during startup of the game? If you use a proxy and/or firewall, maybe try disabling them for a few minutes and test to see if you can connect. If it works, then a setting needs to change on one of those.
  13. BinarySemaphore

    POSSIBLY Exploration: Maps, sailing, and progression

    True, and now they have the tutorial built in. If maps come back, the player could pick up a existing map for the starter island. The tutorial could also give a note mentioning, "I was able to make paper and a pencil, now I can map out where I've been" to hint at the recipe progression required to build their own map.
  14. BinarySemaphore

    POSSIBLY Exploration: Maps, sailing, and progression

    I mostly agree with these thoughts. However, I feel a compromise for new players and those seeking more progression challenge is possible. I do think having a map at spawn is a bit too easy, but having a hidden progression path to obtaining a map and requiring the player to keep it on them/in their hot bar is a bit burdensome and unnecessary (think - they have know and then google how to create a map and create it - what's the point other than cost time and some resources - not something really earned just a time sink). Perhaps we could keep the map at spawn, islands stay perfectly mapped, but sea traversal is more fuzzy (like poor GPS signal resulting in "you covered somewhere along this 100 meter area but not a pinpoint position). This would let you keep a island to island directional relationship and what shipwrecks (in an area of sea) you've explored. Perhaps the player could create a ship compass/sextant which upgrades the map to give exact sea coordinates (not something you carry - just another object to add to the ship like helm/anchor). I completely agree, with the island level being revealed too early. Sometimes I have to stop myself from checking the map at first landfall, so I can enjoy exploring an island instead of just running off because it's low level. I also agree with lowering visibility to hide islands further away on large maps. Completely clear days with end-to-end map visibility should be 1 in 100 days chance. Not suggesting poor weather, just the addition of a rare extra clear day that lets you see islands across the maps, so the majority of the time sailing is the only way to ensure there's no hidden land somewhere. Right now it does seem too easy to just go island to island. Additionally, I'd like to add the following: When sailing to the edge of the map and going to a harsher biomes or if a seed gives higher level or large/unique islands, maybe add an event which puts the player(s) and their ship in a transitional all water map (no islands just a temporary challenge map). The player must sail across the water world to "complete" their journey to the next map. Chances for storms (rain or snow) could be higher, so just calm seas for the voyage are relatively rare. However, there could be an increase in shipwrecks/underwater discoveries (especially since more underwater biomes and discoveries are in a planned future release). The voyage can abandoned at any time to allow players to return to their previous map (say they run out of power and don't have a backup sail). The map would be long left to right and player must sail left to right to complete the trip. If they can't stay the course and end up too north or south, then the voyage is failed. Incentivizing larger ships and that upgraded navigation for sea travel mentioned earlier. That's my two cents, at least. I know it's a lot to add, but hopefully we can see more sea travel challenges without making the game harder to get into. Cheers and thanks for bringing this up @NoNoNumGum 😁
  15. BinarySemaphore


    Hey, I had previously completed the tutorial prior to achievements. What I did was reset the starting yland, then when I sailed to it I got a prompt to start the tutorial. It teleported me off my ship, but the ship remains at the edge of the map, for me this was at the north. I followed the prompts on the first island there, completing the following Map markers: Torch to light the cave (lightbulb icon) Find the paper explaining multiplayer (three people icon) Lighting a fire/cooking (fire icon) Sleeping at the sleeping pad (crescent moon icon) Next it prompted if I would like to explore or to have them show me places to go. I opted to have them mark areas on the map. The markers grey out when complete, so if you're missing any it should be easy to spot. Hope this helps