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  1. BinarySemaphore

    Enemy damage vs Player armor. Can it be scaleable?

    @Harpoon Hanna Hopefully the pure damage helps simplify everything for you @handofthesly Ah! I was missing the Armor Resistance Percentage formula which made me get a messed up Damage Dealt formula . Thanks for re-sharing!
  2. BinarySemaphore

    Enemy damage vs Player armor. Can it be scaleable?

    Okay I have an update regarding this... First, you can use "Pure" damage type to bypass the resistance calculations. I highly recommend this, so you can just take the exact HP you want from a player. Second, you need some extra damage thrown in there. If the player lands around zero, they won't die. I add 0.5 to each hit so it should end up -2 below after four landed attacks. Third, the "On Do Damage" event occurs after default damage has been dealt. That Amount variable in the event gives you that value, but if it's not Pure damage, then you'll need to adjust to get the true value and include in your calculations of additional damage. On Attack event would be better, but this triggers prior to landing the damage. I suspect it would not be useful as it probably ignores blocking/dodging. Fourth, I'm not really sure what the calculations for dealing with player resistance is vs damage taken. @handofthesly would know. From my testing it looked to be: Pure/Actual Damage = Incoming Damage * (100 - resistance*1.5) <--- I'm super unsure about this, but I tested with LEGIONNAIRE ARMOR and it worked. Fifth, Get Resistance looks like it's working. You can use the equipment enum to loop through and get your total resist. Here's what I came up with: Best of luck, you'll probably need to adjust the resistance calculations since I didn't do a thorough test to discover it. Keep in mind you want to apply the calculation to Amount to get the real amount, and you'll have to reverse the calculation for handling additional damage (since it will be applied after you call Cause Damage - essentially you want to cancel out the equation - again this is why using "Pure" damage type when calling Cause Damage is recommended by me).
  3. BinarySemaphore

    Enemy damage vs Player armor. Can it be scaleable?

    That obsolete on Get Resistance is troubling for sure. I can't find that documented in the tile wiki or the scripting typedocs. What values is it returning, anything or nothing? If it's still returning correct values, then the obsolete might be a caution the script will need updating after a future release. I can run some tests in several hours after work, to see if I can't get a four hit kill on player from any attach regardless of player's armor and to look for an alternative to Get Resistance (I haven't found one in any of the docs so far).
  4. BinarySemaphore

    Veteran Player Thoughts

    I only have 500-so hours in the game, but also been around since the early days. Glad to see you came back to give it another try 😀 In terms of swinging to much the other way from resources being everywhere, I also agree. I'm hopeful it's just part of the natural process of settling in to find a sweet balanced spot for the devs and players. I think it'd be great to increase resource abundance in caves as a good compromise. It's already higher than surface rates, but the deeper you go or more mutants there are should scale the resource reward IMO. I also hope to see some of the things you mentioned: Backpacks - Yes yes yes please! Organized building blocks could definitely still be improved and favoriting/pinning crafting recipes would be so helpful! An improvement to combat is coming, but I too hope for more. Like if it played like Zelda or something and combat from mounts would be great! Storing on mounts is in talks, but they're not sure about the implementation (see here for more details https://ylands.com/community/topic/32278-community-corner-4/?tab=comments#comment-112690) Some tips since you've been away for a while: Resources like coal are shown on the world map screen when you hover over regions. Click and hold to pick up same items within a radius of your character. Improved axes/picks or different tools like saws can reduce clicking or increase resource return. I used to jump into creative or the editor (you can filter entities that have crafting recipes) to check for items I didn't have. Still do to when testing some things out (ex: the new resource packages and if breaking them would return all the resources). I believe the reason the devs have avoided showing all recipes in adventure/exploration mode is to not overwhelm new players. I highly recommend building in those modes since you don't like the hunger. The editor is more flexible and blueprints are super easy now. I know it has a learning curve, but definitely worth spending some time in. I also know the editor is less immersive, but I feel those tools are best left out of adventure mode anyway. For stackable items you can quickly destroy items from your inventory's inspector (the eye icon). Not so much the case if you make or find a bunch of non-stackable items - needs some work still. For now keep the bark for making charcoal and gunpowder. Just make sure the bark is more top left than other wood stuff you plan to keep. Crafting/workstations pull from left to right and top to bottom. There is a dyeing stand for early painting, but a paintbrush would be good. Workaround for now: Click on a building block in the crafting menu, then click inspect (eye icon again). Hold CTRL when you click "craft" in that inspect window to take a number of those blocks into your inventory. You can split and dye stacks of those blocks as needed prior to placing them. For hard to reach areas while building, check out https://ylands.fandom.com/wiki/Building_Plans
  5. BinarySemaphore

    About Mystery Island

    You need a good cogwheel found in one of the buildings on the island.
  6. BinarySemaphore

    Ember Island help

    There are notes around the island, 5 of them. One is the mayor's note by a safe talking about a code. The other 4 notes will relate to a number. This will give you 4 numbers to decode and try combinations to unlock the safe (the note in the safe will help you unlock the control room).
  7. @anna_svecova I've seen confusion on this before. The notification when trying to build on an assembled ship is, "construction mode is required". I think it would be more clear if the notification was something like, "disassemble ship is required to build; see the helm". ApexReaper has a video where they mistook the building plans as "construction mode". See the video linked below (I've added the timestamp to the link when this happens).
  8. BinarySemaphore

    "far reaches" and ylandium wrench issues.

    Unfortunately I don't recall where the sixth volcano is located. My map was deleted when I reset my progress. As for the Ylandium Wrench: It is a relic key and the recipe needs to be learned from ylandium relic underwater random encounters found on Arctic maps (make sure it's not a mystery yland map).
  9. BinarySemaphore

    Dev Diary #241 That One Recipe You're Missing

    I think this is a great idea! Very classy putting the medieval windows on their table in the screenshot 😛 Would this mean clearing out caves might also give exploration points, or is this just in reference to the dungeons? I'm curious to hear more about what the team comes up with! Thanks and awesome work ❤️
  10. BinarySemaphore

    Gallant Galoot: Small ship built off grid

    Great build! I saw this on discord earlier and wish you good luck completing furnishing her and happy sailing! You can blueprint off-grid builds in adventure/exploration mode. More so, if you're feeling in the sharing-mood then you can make a Creator Blueprint of anything from the editor and publish to the Ylands workshop. These used to show up in create.ylands.com like this (https://create.ylands.com/asset_detail/16586) but right now the browsing feature doesn't work online in a browser. Fear not though, from the editor under "blueprints > downloaded" there is a "get creator blueprints" option which still allows players to browse/search for published Creator Blueprints. From there, players can make a copy Game Blueprints and build in adventure/exploration mode.
  11. BinarySemaphore

    Tech-Tree (Crafting Recpies)

    Would like to second this so we can reveal crafting particular to or own gameplay. Maybe bump up the Exploration point reward by 1 or 2 points and use those to unlock from the tech-tree 🤔
  12. Not sure if this fully applies to Ylands from the Windows store, as I've only played it through Steam, but I know from other Windows store apps the EXE and related files are usually located here: "C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\Packages\<company.appname_id>" The folder is restricted to only Trusted Installer so you'll have to change the advanced security settings to give yourself permission to read/write in Packages. I'd imagine Ylands might save somewhere else other than the install folder, but again I'm not particularly sure in this case. Hope this helps a bit. Maybe at a dev of community manager for better details than what I can guess.
  13. BinarySemaphore

    DLC not in the steam store anymore

    The team is on a team retreat until Monday. I'm not 100% sure on this, but I think the game gives a set time for exploration demo or works as long as you're on the "starting yland". If one of your friends is missing the exploration DLC, it's not purchased via steam store. You're friend can get it in the Yland's in-game store. Hope this helps.
  14. BinarySemaphore

    Dev Diary #220 Those tiny, annoying things...

    Needing the compass equipped while on land. It would be nice if it was enabled just having it in your inventory.
  15. BinarySemaphore

    Cookable Fish

    In 1.9 you can craft raw fish meat from small fish and a knife (any knife or maybe any sharp edge - not sure). That can be cooked.