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  1. yenz0r

    0.09: Classy Containers (09/03/2016)

    Whooohooooo! I love updates..
  2. Yay! This will make the translation process so much easier. Thank you for the update. Let's get this game translated! \/
  3. Hello everyone, Since I've been enjoying the game a lot, I decided to start a series on youtube to show my survival adventures. I've got some issues with audio (not loud enough) and black bars but I'll solve that by next episode. Check it out!
  4. Hello Ylanders, My first Yland is slowly coming together. Here's a first view
  5. yenz0r

    Translation of Ylands

    Hello Ane, If it's still needed, I would like to help translate the game into Dutch (which is my first language). I'm fluent in both English and Dutch so I think I'd be a great addition to the Dutch team. If you're interested, please let me know. Greetings, yenz0r