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    My Last (official) Post

    Thank you for all your hard work Adam! You definitely rebuild the much needed bridge again with the community and picked up social media in a great way and i hope the team (and new CM) can follow the path you have laid out and keep it on track! It was a real pleasure to meet you and shake your hand (in a time this was still possible end 2019) in person on the 20th bohemia interactive anniversary. All the best in the future Adam! I am sure you have a great path ahead ?
  2. A3_Melle

    Dev Diary #120 - Roadmap 2020

    Looks like may will be a very wet update! Really looking forward to that update! I do hope we get to swim with dolphins ??
  3. A3_Melle

    Dev Diary #113

    I am definitely excited with this update as it also has the option to play on easy mode or veteran mode with exploration ? And the "farming" looks great! No more stacking up trees/cotton and so on but just planting them 1 by 1 with a nice spacing and lining(bamboo sprout still can be stacked don't know if that is accidentally or intentionally). Started up a new exploration yesterday with the veteran mode, normally within 2 hours I can start exploring with a little boat but now it took a bit longer as I only started off with 3 pieces of cotton on my Yland so needed to do a lot of farming to get enough cotton. With my little boat now ready to sail I will be looking for the new far eastern biome, the 1 biome that I really want to explore to see what grows and lives in that biome!
  4. A3_Melle

    Dev Diary #112

    Zooms in on the costume and thinks about "go go power rangers" ? Really looking forward to exploring this new biome! Even if it means taking it slowly with the new dangers lurking around.
  5. A3_Melle

    Mystery related question

    Good thing with the exploration mode is that you can place markers on the map, I use them especially in the early exploration of the Ylands wenn I don't have enough fighting power or gear yet so I can find the locations in a later stage again.
  6. A3_Melle

    Dev Diary #109

    Happy holidays Ylands team!
  7. A3_Melle


    I found most of my coal on the 1.0 version on tier 3 Ylands ? be careful as tier 3 Ylands are heavily guarded ?
  8. A3_Melle

    Dev Diary #108

    Welcome TG and probably I'll see you tonight ?
  9. A3_Melle

    Dev Diary #107

    It will definitely be a honor shaking your hand and many others from the Ylands team who I have not met personally yet ?
  10. A3_Melle

    Dev Diary #107

    Well in those 4 months you have become a veteran! You really gave social media for Ylands a huge boost! All I can say is: it has been a great pleasure looking at all the progress that has been made over the passed few years, I remember back in the early days (first few months in the BI incubator) keeping track of the game and eventually @RaptorM60 got me to play it! Never regret it for 1 day! Congratulations to the entire team, still some challenges ahead as a lot of people (including me) are waiting for a console version, but with the PC and mobile 1.0 release the first milestone is set for the future!
  11. A3_Melle

    Dev Diary #103

    I am really a big fan of the exploration so i really jaw dropped while seeing the video! AMAZING
  12. A3_Melle

    Contest Mobile Game Creation Drive

    Can't wait to see it on android ??
  13. A3_Melle

    Interview Ynterview #6 - Filip

    Great interview!
  14. A3_Melle

    Dev Diary #90

    I knew it ? Welcome to the Ylands club Adam!
  15. It might not go to fast but the small sailboat worked perfect for me, so you still can move from Yland to Yland, I took a seed box with me to take a much a possible seeds with me I was missing, and placed a few chest on (the small) deck for "big recourses". Might not be the fastest way but you still can move around. And @Aleš Ulm I am definitely looking forward a "developer branch" for Ylands as for ARMA3 /DayZ it always have given good feedback, even though the QA team does a fantastic job at BI a lot of bugs slipped trew their net being found by the community, and sometimes it was the community delivering solutions for the problem.
  16. A3_Melle

    Dev Diary #85

    Don't know what to say @Ane........ it has been a awesome ride with you as community manager all those years! Thank you for all your hard work and dedication trying to solve each and every problem for the community, you were the backbone for the entire community! I am sure you will have a great future ahead of you! I wish you all the best! Melle
  17. Since a few weeks I have Ylands for 2 accounts/ PC's at home, and of course me and the wife (and son)started playing a explorer map together(hosting on my pc) issue is that wenn 1 of the 2 players in in the inventory menu and the other is just picking up large amounts of wood for example (fast) the inventory menu goes all crazy on the moments the other 1 picks something up(or places it in a inventory slot from a workbench). I had a video on my phone but that won't upload so need to transfer it to a other source first before uploading.
  18. @Ane actually i could reproduce it also in SP mode, you just have to use you imagination a bit that someone else is doing a lot of work in MP (picking up stuff or filling a foundry), the same thing will happen once you go to fast with clicking.
  19. I was searching for caves while digging and was real deep, but i noticed it started raining in the cave with my mining headlight on, @Jared Diamond was playing with me on my explorer mission and i asked him if it was raining on the Yland..... it was.... I added some screenshots it is not 100% clear but wen you take a good look you can see the raindrops in my mining light "aura" and nowhere else.
  20. A3_Melle

    Dev Diary #61

    Really looking forward to all these updates! "Farming" and a "friendslist" will be a great feature ? Thanks Ylands team ?
  21. I know the hit radius for "battle" and hitting trees/rocks has got a boost with the new update but also with that came a huge hit radius, you can actually chop down 2 trees close to each other or hit unwanted objects close to the area you are hitting on. Picture 1: i was cutting down a young tree and it also took down a small bush quit far away. Picture 2: while hitting a rock i also started hitting the tree with my hamer.
  22. A3_Melle

    RESOLVED [YLD-13359] Hit radius

    Ylands will always be a (open) sandbox game, you can play it how ever you want and the options to create a game type are in my eyes limitless: SP/COOP (friendly) survival, Player VS Player, Team VS Team: all options are open for how YOU want to play the game. The weapon/tool slay feature will be used how you use it I guess, I personally don't have issue with it besides the damage range being a bit to wide. I can agree that with modding it can take ages to get a mod like that, but like being said before: Ylands it is Early Acces and it states that things can changes during EA development, this is 1 of the risks you take with buying a early Acces Game (dark side of early acces).
  23. A3_Melle

    Dev Diary #57

    Looking forward to this "fix" it will definitely help improve the game with sailing performance, guess you guys have found the max capacity of the Unity engine . Happy holidays to the entire Ylands team and of course the Ylanders community
  24. A3_Melle

    Dev Diary #56

    Congratulations Ylands team with this milestone! The trailer looks really great, do have a question: will the Ylands version in China be the same as we are running(steam) with features? I did see a train (driving on tracks) pass by, the same with that vulcano that would just be pretty cool to have on a Yland you visit (and dangerous of course)?
  25. A3_Melle

    RESOLVED [YLD-13359] Hit radius

    @Salvelinus the 1st person cam was mentioned as broken by the dev team and being worked on, the command is a "work around" for a fix for now. And personal wishes are always a problem, some people want "special things" and as I am coming from the ARMA community I know all about this, the Ylands team has to look further than all personal wishes and make a list of what is possible and if they want it in game as improvement, the feedback for the new weapon slay animations/features has been on that list for a few years now I believe. Who knows maybe i a near future with scripting someone will think the same thing and create a new script on certain weapons/tools to not have the weapon slay feature ?