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    From Editor to Survival

    Hello Guys, While in creative mode I made a mistake with Stone blocks, and since it's a pain in the back to destroy stone blocks in survival mode (140+ hits) I opened the map in the editor mode, removed the stone blocks and saved, but when I try to log in to play in survival mode, the game keep loading the map in editor mode, so I was wondering if there's a way to convert the map back to survival mode. Can anyone help me? Thanks
  2. - In Survival mode, when flattening a surface some parts still floating in the air, these parts are big enough to collide with the character but small enough to be impossible to target. - Chopping trees, same deal as above, sometimes the logs, seeds and etc... still in the air. - Stuck sharks: Some get stuck literally in the air, some other in land.
  3. MouthHole

    DEV ANSWER Undestructible buildings

    And a 124 hits with the Iron War Axe. This is way way too much.
  4. MouthHole

    DEV ANSWER Undestructible buildings

    Sorry Houp but your information is wrong. A stone block took 150+ hits with an Iron Axe to be destroyed. Is there any better tool? Peace, TF