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  1. RobinKing

    No rainforest biom?

    Just a question, on my youtube series save i rly cant find any rainforest biom? Is it possible that there is no on my world? I need that rubber
  2. RobinKing

    Weapon strength

    I want to know how to craft the frozen sword
  3. Here is the fix for that problem hope its helping someone Video (bug fix)
  4. RobinKing

    Huge bug, Save has crashed

    I belive im the king of buggs. First i fell down to the void true the water and ofc i died, i made a New character and started, and ny old guy stands on the beach Alive? So i killd him and took my stuff, and now i cant Open my chests or leave the boat if i mount it? I have restarted the game but still the same, i can do everyting in other savings.. strange
  5. RobinKing

    Repair the big ship?

    Can i repair the big ship? Alot of cracks in it and how do i breake the steering wheel?
  6. RobinKing

    Translation of Ylands

    I can help trans to Swedish