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  1. sure. We can all undestand it ;). Perhaps, there are Solutions by users in short time. If it is a problem, using some older radeon hd grafic cards, perhaps someone can find a solution with another (not sure if older or nit) drivers. Can smoeone tell, if there are cheap grafic cards, which are working like they should do? Thinking about, organizing another grafic card to play it to the fullest
  2. I have the same wish, yes. But let them have their time, they need to do so. So far, they could not reproduce it. Therefor, they could just fix other problems first. That's only natural. But now, they got more and more information. Sure, they'll do as much as possible and yes. I can't wait too
  3. Now, i found the file ... or better: Now i saved it. Haha... was looking for it everywhere. Did not know, i needed to save the Information myself first after running the dxdiag programm ... sry for beeing late with the Dxdiag file DxDiag.txt EDIT: Was testing a bit more. With newer drivers, i still have the issue in the crafting menu... when searching for Items with "s" or "la". But it seems like there are less random freezing situations. Perhaps, the drivers can make a difference. It's still not enought... but a differens Will try other freezing situations too. I'll tell you later
  4. have an ATI radeon grafik too -> HD 5670 I've seen, the drivers were not up to date and just updated them. I'll test it again now... let's see, what happens Edit: Got through the crafting menu. an "s" was enought in the searchbar for freezing instantly again. After the Game freezing... naturally the Win- System had a crash too. Happens mostly, when i am not fast enought with shutting down the frozen Ylands via task-manager. My System: Win 10 pro Version 1703 Systembuild 15063.786 Processor Intel Xeon CPU E3-1220 v5 @ 3GHz RAM 8,00GB grafik: ATI Radeon HD 5670
  5. k, thx for your update and: of course. We will sure help you as much as possible I have nothing mentioned (apps and stuff) running. Only a messenger (Discord). I'll look for the Details refering to the PC configuration and send them here Just got home. So please wait a little bit. I'll send it Edit: Was just searching for DXdiag... found something in the www. -> tells me crazy things about my system. Perhaps i found an old dxdiag? however, it told me, i had missing files. I am not sure. But i thing, my System is working fine, normally. Did not know, there was something missing. Perhaps, it's all right... but perhaps not. I'll check my grafik-drivers and direct x ... just to make sure
  6. I had a lot of fun, playing Ylands to begin with. Sadly, this freezing-bug is gamebreaking for me too. I've done all, i could. Now i am not playing anymore and am waiting for them to fix it. But: I don't want to complain too much. Yes, it is annoying. But as long as there will be done something about it in the future, i'll wait for it. Sadly, this Bug seems to be a tought one. Let us just wait for a while longer. I am sure, the result wil be worth it Until then i am checking the Game for updates daily So: Thanks for showing this info to us
  7. i have unlocked more recipes now. Had the ship unlocked long ago. Tried to avoid crafting or even seeing the ship in inthe crafting menu. After i build the blacksmith and several things at the blacksmith, i can't go to the crafting menu at all. everytime I click the crafting menu ... game ist freezing instantly now. i don't need to scoll down anymore. So, there are other recipes causing problems too. perhaps, it's like someone else said... perhaps it's a hardware-conflict. PS.: game is freezing in other situation too. once, while digging, two times while trying to pick up a bamboostick (never tried again later). Seams like the game is freezing more often, the futher the progress goes. Now, my last savegame, where i played hours and hours... i can't do anything more, becourse, i can't craft anything now. And without any pick, axe or shovel... i can't even collect materials or build the terrain. And Yes. The game is freezing in the creative-mode as well.
  8. - game is freezing in the crafting menu -> happens allways -> waiting for longer after freezing causes a crash of windows-system. normally i am not waiting so long. I just restart the PC. - Game is freezing while picking up a specific bamboo-stick -> (i tried it two times - same thing happens. now, i am avoiding this specific bamboo) - Game was freezing while digging in the water with a pick -> happened one time -> waiting for longer and my windows-system crashed. I am afraid of digging in the water now. - Wanted to look at the sandbox-mode to see, what is possible (in survival, i can not do much without crafting a lot) -> was flying above an island to look for a nice spot. -> Game was freezing, when i accidently hit the Inventory-Key. Next time, i was looking for how to build stuff in creative. I could not find anything to place... hit the inventory key -> Game was freezing again. It is hard to do something so far. I hope, i can really play it soon.
  9. i know, what you wand to say but i have faith too Sure, it takes a while. But as long as someone is working to fix it, we can have faith. I allready found minor issus, like a bamboo stick, i can't pick up without the game freezing. But i do not realy need this stick Haha. The freezing in the crafting menu is a major problem. Not to fix it... would be like to abandon the game. That would be way too soon. The game is cool so far and there is a lot of potential for more. Let us hope and wait a little more every day, i check this post at least two times to see, if it is fixed allready. And i know, one day, i can enjoy the game to the fullest again So please make it happen...
  10. Hey. i was messing around with my last game again. Have a lot of recipes unlocked and i was able to open the crafting menu. The game was crashing, when scolling down. The game was not crashing, when i was typing the recipe in the search-bar... exept for typing a recipe, beginning with s. Typing s in the searchbar, causes freezing instantly. Hope, this Information can help a bit more Best regards Florian PS.: Same goes with typing "La" in the searchbar of the crafting menu. Freezing too. At the moment, i am thinking about the ship, the large ship. Could this recipe cause the problem?
  11. Here are my log-Files. I hope, it'll help somehow. Am using a Windows 10 Computer. Are there anymore information needed? Best regards Florian output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  12. okay. i'll use the crafting menu again to let it freaze. i hope, you can find the Problem, even when i need to restart the PC befor... i don't know, if there is anything saved in the log-files. Give me a few minutes.
  13. And: I don't know, if i have any usefull Data to show you. Whenever the game is freezing. I need to turn the power off. As a result, all Data is lost anyway. Best regards Florian
  14. Hi, i have an issue with the crafting recipes in the crafting menu. Whenever i start a game and progress far enought, my game is freeting when opening the crafting menu oder scolling down in the crafting menu (depends on how much posible recipes i have in the menu) now i startet a game wirth only a very few ressources so far and the game is freezing when i try to open the crafting menu. All was good, as long as i had no lether in the inventory. With the lether in the inventory, my game is freezing again. i have a sceenshot (a very bad, i know, but i reacted to slow for a better one). The screenshot shows all the materials ia had. Without the lether, i could open the crafting menu and do whatever i wanted to do. There need to be a corrupted recipe, which needs lether. Please let me know, if you need any more Infomation about it. I realy want to get this fixed. I realy enjoy the game so far, but can't play it for long and can't realy begin to build much. Best regards Florian Lemmer PS.: I had an issue with the forum here the last time and sent you and email. Sorry for that. But now i am trieing to go the right way.