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    Recipe for Medieval windows *consumes* Hammer?

    Yes I tested the Medieval Windows recipe last night after getting the latest Updates through steam - it no longer consumes the hammer, for me. So I believe this is already fixed
  2. Nevermind the Files question, I just saw this similar thread, I will attach the files requested this evening:
  3. I play multiplayer with a freind also - he hosts - and I reguarly have this happen, sometimes after a short while (10 mins maybe) and sometimes it's OK for an hour, before it happens. Usually it's things I interact with that dissapear, like forges or trees, then it gets progressively worse, to when the entire ship is invisible, or I can only see the Hull, no ladder, masts etc. Yesterday we were playing and landed at a new Yland, and the entire place was bare. Logging out and back in temporarily resolves it, but it inevitably comes back. *usually* I can interact with the invisible things, use the forge if i remmeber where it was, or pickup invisible logs from the invisible tree I just felled, but the Ship one in particular, it seems I cant use the rope ladder even though i know it's there. Are there any files I can send to help? Is it likely an issue with Me or the Host?
  4. Teppic

    Island distribution

    Maybe there should me *more* birds, or some other signs? They are hard to see anyway, couple that with bad weather - rain, fog - and Nighttime obviously, the chances of spotting seem slim