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    Ship glitch

    So here we are again with a new bug, after sailing to a different yland, I got off the ship then later when I wanted to get back on and sail on the game glitch. I got up the ladder then I saw nothing but stars, 3 seconds later I was back on spawn yland, created a small boat sailed all the way back to the yland where my ship was at, tried again and yet again I got spawned on spawn yland. So after playing this game for 35 hours I have 3 corrupted save game the only game that was working fine was this one and now i lost more then 15 hours off grinding. this save file is probaly also corrupt because I had to restart 4 times before my whole ship even was loaded in completly to later on screw me over and spawn me on spawn yland. Are there a lot off problems with MP?
  2. My friend got stuck in the ship then died of being to cold after restarting the server the next day, he was able to connect but not able to create new character or respawn. In the editor I was unable to find is ID/character so I could delete it saying it didnt exist. We tried hosting by different people but it didnt work.
  3. Hello, I bought Ylands 2 days ago. Since then me and my friends played 2 multiplayer games, saved both games and they both got corrupted and where unplayable the next day. This meant at least 10 hours of playing were lost. What happend was one of us got stuck en relogged. From that point on interacting(Forges, Furnaces, Wheels etc) didnt work and when I was controlling a wheel of a ship I couldnt get out of it and had to relog again. If the server completly stopped then the next day only the person hosting could join the game the others where unable to join the game. How can i fix this savegame so we can continue and if the savegame is unfixible, how can we make sure this doesnt happen again? Little example Thanks in advance. DxDiag.txt output_log.txt MAGHIER.rar