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    RESOLVED [YLD-8121] Missing car

    I've had same issue in explorer mode, built fancy car on dock near water, gone minutes later lol.
  2. Thorvald

    European server's resets everyday? Why?

    Wiped after a week??? No wonder I can't play any of my existing "continue" games... I'll stick to single player until that get resolved.
  3. Happened to me just now as well. I assume no one knows of a fix/work around? Does it just time out?
  4. Thorvald


    The Official Explore NA servers are dropping like flies lately. As of this morning (Xmas) there are only: NA 21 NA 17 NA 16 NA 10 The rest are all gone???
  5. Thorvald

    How to get more Ylandium dust?

    You will also find Ylandium Crystals, I've found about 5 so far but they are pretty deep down. As I recall you get 5 dust per crystal.
  6. Thorvald

    DEV ANSWER Undestructible buildings

    I also ran into this. I think at minimum you should increase the placement time to at least 20 minutes or so. It currently is far too easy to screw up placement of something like a chest that cuts into the wall slightly and then you can't finish that wall anymore.