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    Can't Play the game

    SymInit: Symbol-SearchPath: '.;F:/SteamLibrary/steamapps/common/Ylands;F:/SteamLibrary/steamapps/common/Ylands;C:/WINDOWS;C:/WINDOWS/system32;SRV*C:/websymbols*http://msdl.microsoft.com/download/symbols;' , symOptions: 534 This is what keeps crashing the game aprox when ever I click anything on the title screen - in user file posted in like 4 forums and steam so far no suprise no response lol makes perfect sense - info i found was with windows and the build of unity https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-hardware/drivers/debugger/symbol-path - for the coders
  2. kk been playing since oct 31 /nov 1st also bought a few friends the game casue it rocks and has a lot of potential , we re all experiencing these issues , 1) cant connect to each other in multiplayer - I know this is probably due to ports/avg ect blocking connections 2) chunks clearing when left , after you dig or build anything then hop on a raft to explore then come back the entire area where you have built is cleared to water level ie a big hole perfectly square (assuming that's a chunk like minecraft) 3) dying to falling on a voxel or running up a hill on a weird voxel , a tree falling and you bumping into it . 4) after dying in said area above you have to quit to main menu , which then freezes up before showing the menu ( assuming that's a report or something being sent in to a server ect ) but game just locks up have to cancel out using task manager . 5) anytime you leave a game via exit to menu or exit to desktop it freezes , refer to #4 , with the exception of exiting before 4-5 mins of game play it will go back to title if its a short amount of time . that's all the bugs ive found so far which kind of make the game unplayable , ive spent hours playing only to not be able to save the game when I reload its back a few hours ahead of where I left off ect , we re all 25+ that I bought the game for friends being 21- 25 and myself being over 40 . Iove the way the game is headed and aside from those issues its a great fun game I love the cell shaded graphics and the crafting ect . good job , if we can just fix these issues , thanks FireFrost
  3. FireFrost

    Ylands Explore Multiplayer

    ya in the early alpha videos it was available , ive seen them on you tube but you don't get any options such as what the other videos show , such as making the map a certain size or populating it with wonders ect
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    thanks =) , also since yesterday when I start a single player game on explore and play for a bit , then try to exit it freezes up , I'm on windows 10 ,980m graphics laptop - I end up having to use task manager to kill the game so I never get the saved feature
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    just wondering how to do the multiplayer aspect of the game I bought a copy for a friend and we can not connect and play , when I make the game I choose a scenario and he tries to connect and it sits at 0% on him loading , also have tried passcoding it ect but ive seen and connected to pthers games , so just wondering on how to do it