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    Comment on workshop

    Hello! It would be great if we were able to comment on workshop items, so that we could give feedback or criticism if need be. Daniel
  2. Gam3Junkie

    UNDER REVIEW [YLD-8022] Placing invisible items

    Seems to be working fine now after the last update.
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    Dedicated Server FAQ

    I'm also looking to participate in the dedicated server testing.
  4. I'm gonna cut right to the chase. A few days ago me and a buddy played for about 2-3 hours then he started having some problems. Every item he placed was invisible for him, although I could see it just fine. When he reconnected he saw it, but new items he placed were still invisible. I was the host and had no problems. Yesterday I joined his server that he had been playing on for a couple of guys. It started off fine but after a few hours every item I tried to place was invisible for me. The host could see them and a reconnect fixed it until I placed something else. I attached the logs as requested on the Steam forum. Haven't played since we encountered this issue so the relevant info should be at the bottom of the logs(I assume). Thanks. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt