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  1. After about 100 hours I died and I can't continue game. When confirming new character nothing happens anymore.EXPLORE02 - Copy.ylandsgame.txt is the original save game EXPLORE02.ylandsgame renamed for upload purpose output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt EXPLORE02 - Copy.ylandsgame.txt
  2. had same issue. logged off, when trying to continue later, i needed to create a new char. This new char spawned on my first island. My house was still there and I was able to access everything. After i made a new ship and went back to where i was last, no tombstone or inventory. everything lost. There shouln't have been even any reason to create a new char, as I was safe on the roof of my house. I don't understand why in single player the server need to safe the game, as this seems to be buggy and I do not see any reason for why it must be server sides. We should be able to maintain our own backups, so we have what we saved!
  3. Hi Everybody, I died without any reason when I logged out and later continued my game. Needed to create a new character, and I spawned on my first Island. After I reached the Island I was last before dying, I did not find any tombstone or whatsoever on top of my base, where i logged off at that time. So is there a timer for the tombstone? How long the items will last on the map? Someone has an idea about that?
  4. had same problem with rope ladder at my ship right now.
  5. had same issue with rope ladder on my ship right now. also dead, all resources lost.