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    using the map

    Great suggestions. In addition i would really like to have the possibility to place a waypoint on the map and have some kind of symbol on the HUD/GUI indicating the direction and distance to the set waypoint. And having a compass available apart from driving a ship could be handy too.
  2. I would prefer a key-binding to turn the light on/off manually instead of the automatic system. Apart from turning on too late and off too early while on the surface, when it turns night/day, i had it turn off and on deep underground (with no open sky above me) repeatetly too. Its also problematic when mining close to the surface during day when the light turns darker (HDR effect kicks in) but you still have to go a bit deeper/farther until the light turns on, until you are left in (almost) pitch black. The automatic system might be a nice idea, but i would really prefer to have manual control.
  3. I experience the same problem. When my character touches some objects, while in first person view, that are attached to the ship (furniture, doors, chests, ...) the ship gets pushed arround (even under water sometimes). This is really annoying because placing and selecting objects is often way easier in first person. This jumping /pushing arround of the ship also happened to me when removing items that are attached to the ship (e.g. crystals), while in first person. All observed in single player on a large ship, as that's the only one i have build so far.