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  1. for the Second point I think that's normal. I think they are deactivated the physics of each object after a amount of time after it spawns. ( maybe 10 secondes or something like this ) . that's I think a way to optimise because imagine if each objects instanciate on the world keep his physic it would be even worst for the fps and the lags because each frames the game would have to calculate the phisic of each object.
  2. It could be nice to be able to share your crafting recipe in Multiplayer. or to have like an item where all the player can update there crafting list like this they all have the same. I played with some friend like for 3 days and so ofc we discover somes crafts and everything and were building a ship and after thoses 3 days my brother join us and he had no craft availaible. So ofc for him it was a bit annoying to have to discover all the craft while we are building the ship next to him. one of the solution would be to craft for him and give him the items but it's also annoying. The solution like i said would be maybe to craft a "booking craft" or "table craft" to give all his craft to another player. Best regards.
  3. Mr Banane

    "You've Unlocked *recipe*"

    maybe not a notification in game because if you unlock 20 object at once your screen gonna be spam, but just when you open the crafting UI you have all the new craft item outline in red or something visible that show you that you didn't had it before and it become normal again with passing the mouse over it.
  4. Ofc you have to download it. other way how can you have the change made by the other player that were playing when you were not here ? You have to download there change. After there is maybe someway to optimise the transfer of data because I notice more there is modifications and objects add to the terrain more data you have to download and it force me to start a new server. But there are working on it I guess.
  5. I also notice that this problem is comming from the large ship i think. When i'm placing block or itemson the ship as client and it's the last item of the stack or the only onei got in my inventory this one is all time invisible. and after all the blockor interaction im gonna have in the game ( like cutting tree) gonna be invisible. so need a reconnection to have them visible
  6. Hello, In multyplayer we have a bug with the map. We are 3 and each of us get one map. We went to travel with the large Ship. the two client after disconecting or diying we got our map restart from 0 ( not anymore the place we visite before ) And for the host it's fine for the moment but now it stop to writte the progress ? so in this case do we need a pencil to writte or its normally writting automaticlly ? ( no infos on the wiki ) Thanks in advance and really nice game.